Friday, January 1, 2016

My thoughts on 1st day of 2016

Before ending the 1st day of 2016.
I'll like to express how thankful I am for having the choice/privilege to be a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM); to be able to witness all my baby's growth stages. 
I know there are many mommies who do not have this choice at all due to their families financial conditions. 

2015 is one of my best years & also an eventful year.
1. went through my first pregnancy 
2. gave birth to my little one on 6 August
3. Quit my job as a Senior Relationship Manager (it was a tough decision but I'm glad that I did it!)

During my pregnancy, I had a good 39 weeks & 5 days of feeling sick (due to pregnancy symptoms) & blissful at the same time. 
Since the arrival of my little Aedan, I enjoy every day watching him grows.

In 2016, I hope to embrace all upcoming new things & changes with an open & grateful heart.

My hubby has went to Israel to further his studies since Oct 15. 
So I can't wait to reunite with him in Feb. 

In Mar, I will be leaving my friends & family for one & a half year to explore a new land, Israel, with my bub & hub. 

I will continue to blog all my precious experiences in 2016 here in this memory box.

Hope you will have a great new year too!

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