Thursday, January 28, 2016

5 things that new mommies Don't need to buy

Excited for the arrival of your new born? Often first time mommies get too excited and rushed into purchasing all the "necessities" to prepare for the big day. However, how many of these things are actually necessary?

After experiencing being a mother, I have learned that a few of the "necessities" are not really essential. By replacing a few of these things with alternatives we can save some money.

1. Baby crib 

Baby crib typically costs between $200-$400. Instead of buying a baby crib, you can use playpen as baby's bed.

When babies grow bigger, they can co sleep with parents or sleep on a mattress, the playpen can be converted to a play area. 

2. Sterilizer 

A sterilizer costs about $100-$200. Why not consider using hot boiled water? Simply pour the hot water over baby's bottles to sterilize them. It's simple and save you $100-$200. 

3. Changing Table 

I personally think that this is one of the most redundant items. It occupies space and is definitely a waste of money. 

Simply invest in a changing mat that costs less than $10 and place it on bed or sofa for diaper changing. 

4. Bassinet/cradle

How long can baby fits in the bassinet? Bassinet/cradle is often used to rock baby to sleep from birth to 4 months. 

Instead of using a cradle, caregiver can carry and rock baby to sleep. It costs zero dollar! 

If it's tiring to carry your baby to sleep, you can put them in a baby sling or carrier.

5. Nursing bra 

Instead of buying a nursing bra which cost about $20-$30, breastfeeding moms can use bikinis as nursing bra. 

Bikinis are easy to wash, dry and comfortable to wear! 

Mommies, by following the above and changing to alternatives, you can save a few hundred dollars.

Hope these tips will help you to save more and avoid buying redundant items.

Happy saving!

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