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Review: Keepsake by Ryo

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my little Aedan for 5 months and still counting. I'm hoping to breastfeed him till at least one year old.

Breastfeeding is indeed a memorable journey with so much pain and joy happening in tandem. You can read my journey here.
My breastfeeding experience

Like many mommies, I was looking for something to symbolise my breastfeeding journey; something that I can keep forever.

I chanced upon Keepsake by Ryo (previously known as Ryo's Breastmilk Jewellery) and had much joy browsing through their Facebook page and website. I never knew that breastmilk can be made into so many beautiful things!

From "can't find anything", I became spoiled with too many choices!

The keepsakes are all beautifully crafted and each of them looks intricate & pure.

How to order? 

Visit their website at:

Click "SHOP BY STYLE" & you will find a whole list of accessory types.
1. Charms

You can choose to include either breastmilk, baby's hair or cord in the charms.
2. Necklaces

3. Bracelets 

4. Earrings 
The earrings are made of 14K gold plated hardware which is suitable for sensitive skin.

5. Rings

6. Anklets

7. Keychains

8. Cufflinks
They even have cufflinks for daddy!
This can be a good Valentine's Day gift for daddies.

After choosing your choice of keepsakes,

you can confirm your order which will bring you to payment and delivery details.

Then follow the order procedures.

Update: Ryo has changed the mailing address to 
My mail box 884038, 
Singapore 919191

I used Zyllem (previously known as Rocket Uncle) to deliver my breastmilk to Ryo.
#Note that delivery of breastmilk to Ryo has to be self arranged.

How much is the keepsake? 

Price: their keepsakes range from $48 - to higher than $297 inclusive of postage of the keepsake.

Most of their keepsakes are priced between $109 - $129.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA): After delivering my breastmilk, I received my beautiful keepsake within a week!

Unwrapping time!

My earrings and breastmilk locket are individually wrapped in a box tied with green ribbons.

I was excited to unbox my keepsakes.

Each keepsake comes with a jeweller's cloth, silica gel and care instruction.

What do I like about Keepsake by Ryo?

1. All precious keepsakes come with 6-months warranty covering any discoloration of breastmilk components.

2. They have a wide selection of designs for keepsake. If you do not like their existing designs, you can even request to customize your own design!

3. It's easy to navigate their website from selection to payment to delivery.

4. The owner, Ryo, is very friendly. Buyer can always PM her on Facebook if they encounter technical difficulties or will like to discuss their keepsake's design.

5. Thoughtful Ryo has placed a bag of silica gel in every keepsake box to absorb excess moisture. She encourages her customers to store our keepsake jewellery in its original packaging when not in use to maintain its shine and prevent tarnishing.

6. Thoughtful Ryo provides storage for excess breastmilk which will be carefully labelled and stored in the freezer for 6 months, just in case mommies like to have something else made.

7. Ryo values quality casts over fast delivery. According to Ryo, the casting process is an art form and while most of the time the casting process goes smoothly, there may still be instances that result in visible and obvious defects. For my case, the locket was defective which resulted in a "leakage" of breastmilk during the casting process. In this case Ryo will recast the item before sending it out. This may extend the waiting time.  

Should you still find your final piece unsatisfactory, you may appeal to her for a 1-to-1 replacement and she will recast your item if she assesses that the claim is valid. 

This is the defective piece as you can see there are milk stain from the leakage. (The only time that I'm happy to have defects ^^) 

I really like my breastmilk earrings as it's minimalist looking and allow me to wear on all occasions.

I am fond of the breastmilk locket too as it contains 2 precious things inside: Aedan's name and my breastmilk.
I'll show this to Aedan next time when he grows up.

If you like to purchase one to symbolise your breastfeeding journey or to make everlasting ur baby's cord/hair/teeth, you can do it now!

Quote EVELYN10OFF to get a 10% discount off your purchase valid till end of Feb 2016!

To find out more about the owner, 


Disclosure: Complimentary breastmilk earrings & lockets are received for review purpose. There is no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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