Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Story of Mamacat

Today, TwentySixOctober is sharing the story of Mamacat!

We're glad that we managed to get the owner to share her startup story here with us.

Who is Mamacat?

Mamacat is an online home business which specializes in selling babywearing handmade accessories such as drool pad, baby carrier sling bag & customised baby carrier's cover & hood (checkout their pretty photos below).

Who is the owner?

The business is managed by Adeline (33 yrs old), a full-time working mom, together with her mother & her younger sister.

Adeline is in charged of receiving orders from customers, finance & marketing. She also does about 20% of the sewing work.

Adeline's mother does most of the sewing work.

Her sister, who has recently quit her job as a designer, is in charged of taking photos of their products, design all the character hoods, design their Facebook page & upcoming website. She also helps in the miscellaneous handicraft such as cutting of fabrics.

When is this business initiated?

Mamacat begins in 2012 by Adeline's mother & sister who love handicraft.

They first started as hobby as they wanted to sell off their handmade items.

Adeline joined the business in Oct 2014 when she was on her maternity leave & started to market this business.

What inspires them to start this business?

This business is initiated as a hobby when Adeline's sister & mother wanted to sell their handmade items. The business expanded when Adeline joined in 2014.

When Adeline gave birth to her first child in 2014, she wanted to make babies accessories for her own use so she picked up sewing. Her friends from her mommies group saw the things she made and started to order from her. Business gradually grew by word-of-mouth & also marketing by Mommy bloggers.

Adeline & her family enjoyed making beautiful items and feel accomplished when they receive compliments from their customers for their hardwork.

What are their future plans?

In the coming year, Adeline plans to make it into her full time business and to launch other products besides babywearing accessories.

She is also planning for her #2!

She mentioned that as she's trying to juggle her work, business & being a mom so her plan may change.

Adeline & her family have shown that indeed hobby can turn into business opportunity.

And being a working mother does not hinder her from pursuing her interest!

You can visit their Facebook page at Mamacat

Photos of their beautiful items!

"If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” - Mark Zuckerberg

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