Sunday, January 3, 2016

The story of Keepsake by Ryo

This week, TwentySixOctober invited the owner of Keepsake by Ryo (previously known as Ryo's Breastmilk Jewellery) to share with us her story of how she came out with the idea of including breastmilk, baby's cord & hair into pretty jewellery!

Who is Keepsake by Ryo?

Keepsake by Ryo is an online business which specializes in immobilizing breastmilk, baby's hair & cord into beautiful jewellery for keepsake!

Who is the owner?

The owner prefers to be known as Ryo (not her real name). She shared that this is a nick name given by her God-father, Yaguchi-San, who worked as her Dad's translator in Japan when she was a kid.

You will be surprised that Ryo, a mother of a 9 months old, is also the owner of Scholars' Circle tuition centre located at Clementi where she teaches JC Economics.

Kudos to this superwoman who manage to handle a baby & 2 businesses!

How did you start this business?

Ryo started this business a few months ago.

It all began when Ryo wanted to find something that symbolizes her breastfeeding journey with her first born. She was looking for breastmilk pendant but couldn't find the one design which suits her liking from our local maker.

Instead of shipping her milk to overseas maker, she thought that maybe she can make one for herself with her knowledge from her JC art lesson!

After months of experiments and consultation with a chemist, she eventually found a perfect method to preserve & petrify beastmilk such that the milk beads will not discolour over time and she made her very own breastmilk jewellery!

Ryo's design is something which could not be found in Singapore, so she thought "why not" make it into a business.

Soon she created a Facebook page & website and started selling her design jewellery.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

When I asked her why she chose to be an entrepreneur, she said 
"I did not choose to be an entrepreneur, entrepreneur life chose me!"

She shared that her dad used to walk around the house with a book titled "养你十八岁” which translates to bringing you up to 18 years. She took it that she won't be receiving pocket money after JC. Hence, after graduating from JC, she started selling her own work which includes handmade cheongsams. She even got featured in The Straits Time! 

She has stopped making cheongsams due to her current commitment.

What is your future plans?

Ryo mentioned that now she's handling everything on her own, from answering enquiries, ordering supplies to making & mailing out each piece of keepsake.

"It's tedious work and I expect that I won't be able to keep up in the near future."
In order for her to expand her business, she has just transited to a new website platform (check out the new website link here: which provide technology assistance to the administrative work so that she don't have to worry about payment lapses or wasting time compiling orders. She hopes that with this improvement, she can devote more time to making & designing jewellery. 

She's really excited about crafting new designs as she has plenty of ideas in her mind.

In the near future, she'll definitely be playing around with more materials and supplies to offer wider variety.

As of now she's taking business one step at a time.

"I'll go wherever the business wants to take me. 😊"
To support this beautiful budding business, you may visit their Facebook page: Keepsake by Ryo

Photos of their beautiful items:

Ryo has generously sponsored Breastmilk Lockets (worth: $119-$129 each) to be given to 5 lucky readers!

(with choice of designs from her website listing)

Check out the details on Twentysixoctober Facebook page.



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