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My Pregnancy Diary 5 - Review: Maternity Tour @ Mount Elizabeth Novena

Hi all,

My little Aedan is 31 weeks old. :)

Here's the latest photo of him but can't see much because his backside is facing my belly.
What a shy boy :)) He is really active these days and I feel more and more of his movement.

I'm glad that he is healthy and also that my Glucose Test & Haemoglobin test results are both good.
I have no diabetes and my blood level is normal which mean I can continue to eat my ice cream and sweet stuff. Yay!!

Review on Mount E Novena:

My doctor can deliver at 3 locations: Mount Alvernia, Thomson Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Novena. Visited maternity tours for all three hospitals and have reviewed the maternity tours at Mount Alvernia and Thomson Medical Centre in my previous posts.

This is my last maternity tour review.

When my hubby and I first stepped into Mount Elizabeth Novena, we both exclaimed that the hospital looks more like a 6 stars hotel. The entrance of the hospital looks similar to resort world hotel entrance. They even have a door boy standing at the entrance to welcome the visitors and guide them to their destination.

Their main entrance

Unlike TMC which has a very small lobby, Mount Elizabeth has an extremely huge lobby and comfortable waiting area at the side.

Unbelievable spacious lobby

Waiting area

Another photo of the waiting area and check out how spacious it is

We were asked to be seated at the waiting area before the tour start.
The tour started with a staff giving each couple a goodies bag and introducing herself. She first showed us to the admission counter. We were briefed that we can choose to do pre-registration with a deposit of S$500 to reserve a room and also to avoid any administrative hassle on the actual day .

Check out what is included in the Goodies Bag!

The staff told us that on the actual day of delivery, we may approach the main lobby counter for registration between 7am to 8pm. If we arrive before 7am or after 8pm, we have to proceed to the A&E entrance at the side for registration.

We will then be brought up to level 3 which have all the delivery suites and operating theatre.
We understand from the staff that there are 6 delivery suites. 
The maternity package covers 12 hrs in delivery suite and addition S$34/hr for additional usage.

This is the waiting area at level 3 for parents, friends and relatives to wait for baby delivery.
At the delivery suite, only one companion is allowed to go in.

Delivery suite/labour rorom at level 3

Toilet at delivery suite

After delivery, the mother will be ushered to level 9 where there are 32 single bedded rooms. To enter the maternity ward, a pass will be required. The daddy will be given a pass. For visitor, they will need to press the room number and mummy's name in order to enter. 

 The maternity ward area is very quiet. This is to ensure that mummy will not be disturbed by other visitors so that she can get enough rest. During the stay, there will be an in-house lactation consultation provided once per day.

Their single bedroom. It looks very new and spacious. 
Daddy can stay in with Mummy over the night for free without meals.
If Daddy wants meal, then have to pay additional for every night stay. 

Toilet in the maternity ward.
They provide complimentary Evelyn & Crabtree bathing essential during the stay.

The nursing room
After viewing the maternity room, the guide brought us to their top level where there's a penthouse maternity ward! For the rich who are willing to pay extra, they can opt to stay at penthouse after giving birth. What a luxury!

At the end of the tour, we were guided to a room where they served us some snacks & drinks.
The staff went to every couple to answer their doubts.  
During our session with the staff, we clarified with her on the complimentary stay for Daddy. She assured us that it is free if we do not opt for meal. This is something different from the other hospitals we have visited so far which require additional top-up for Daddy's stay regardless of whether meals are included/not.

Here's more information of the price of the maternity ward which they provide nicely in a file in the goodies bag.

Maternity Package includes the following:

Package excludes the following:
Specific consumables and medications (e.g. abdominal binder, antibiotics, etc.)
Newborn hearing screening
OT surcharge for horoscopic LSCS (2000 hr - 0730 hr)
Use of the OT, recovery room and general anaesthetic in excess of the stipulated time
Cardiovascular laboratory (CVL) services and radiological contrasts
Electrocardiograms (ECGs), treadmill tests, and diagnostic imaging services (e.g. CT, MRI, Ultrasound, echocardiograhy (TEE), PET, nuclear medicine, X-rays, etc.)
Dialysis and oncology services
All laboratory tests and services, including blood transfusion products and services, histopathology, genetic studies, fine needle aspiration (FNA), and referred laboratory services (with the exception of Basic Baby screen and Bilirubin test)
Rehabilitation services, Homecare services
Accident and emergency services
Discharge (take-home) medications
Non-medical items/services (e.g. extra meals, laundry, IDD calls, etc.)
Pre-admission investigations
Doctors' fees
For Caesarean Delivery (Elective/emergency):
Use of foceps or vacuum pump
Use of labour ward delivery facility, Entonox, CTG monitoring, and other items/services prior to Caesarean delivery (fir Vaginal-to-Caesarean conversions)

The even include a list of what to do when you're in labour for easy reference. 

My Verdict:

Frankly, I am surprised that their maternity package prices are comparable to the other 2 hospitals I have visited. For the luxurious comfort of the spacious delivery suite and maternity ward they provide, the price is not as expensive as I expected.  

If I consider the fact that Daddy's stay is complimentary which will save us another about S$90/night. Also that they provide 12 hrs use of delivery suite unlike Thomson Medical (TMC) which provides only 8 hrs use of delivery suite, Mount E Novena may be even less expensive than TMC for normal delivery with epidural, with Daddy stay-in and assume 12 hr of delivery. 

The downside is that since this is a relatively new hospital which is opened in 2013, not all their nurses are very experienced. 
If we are lucky we may get experienced nurses they hired from Mount A/TMC.
If we are not lucky, we may get newbies. :(

It is really difficult to decide on the hospital for delivery since all hospitals have their pros and cons. 

Update: I have called in Mount Elizabeth Novena to check after I received queries from reader on the complimentary stay for Daddy. After clarification with their staff again, I am disappointed to reveal that the guide has provided wrong information during my maternity tour. Mount Elizabeth Novena will charge S$97 for companion with/without meals. :(((  

I'm still considering and may update you all more in the next post. 

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  1. Hi Evelyn, thank you for the detailed post. I went for the maternity tour yesterday and was being advised that we need to pay for hubby to lodge in irregardless of the 3 meals. May I know who did you speak to previously? So I can call them to clarify again. Many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Adeline,
      I hope my sharing will be useful to other mommies.
      I was told by the maternity tour guide that husband can stay in without extra charge if we opt to not take the meals. We have even checked with her after the tour to be assured.
      However, I did not get her name that time. I think i'll call in again to check too.


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