Sunday, January 10, 2016

The story of Mummy's Love

This week, Twentysixoctober shares the story of Mummy's Love. Their nursing covers are widely used by many breastfeeding moms! 

Let's find out more about Mummy's love!

Who is Mummy's Love?

Mummy's Love is an online business that specializes in selling handmade nursing covers.

Who is the owner?

The creator of this popular nursing cover is Sharon (35 yrs old), a full time working mother with 2 boys. She works as an Operation & Admin Manager and runs Mummy's Love as a hobby.

She's also a breastfeeding supporter.

Sharon's breastfeeding journey with her 2 boys:

#1, 6 years old, is breastfed till 28 months & self wean when she was pregnant with #2.

#2, 3 years old, has breastfed for 40 months & still breastfeeding.

Besides selling her nursing covers on Mummy's Love Facebook page, she also posts pro breastfeeding messages/pictures to support moms in their breastfeeding journey.

She also shares that that her husband is very supportive during her breastfeeding journey.

When did she start this business and what inspired her?

Sharon started this business in 2009. 

After giving birth to her first child, Sharon was determined to breastfeed her baby. But she couldn't find a nursing cover that she's comfortable with.

She mentioned "It's not easy to find a nursing room & even if I found one, it may be dirty & smelly."

This problem inspired her to make a nursing cover that will allow her to nurse comfortably at any places!

Even in hawker centres! Can nurse and eat at the same time!

Sharon came out with her first nursing cover design and asked her aunt to help tailor to her specifications.

Her friends liked her nursing cover a lot and started to order from her and that's how it all began..

She started the Facebook page to receive orders & liaise with her aunt who makes the nursing covers.

What's her business plans in the future?

Sharon currently has no plans.

Mummy's Love started without a plan & I guess when you are passionate about something, you don't need to have a big plan to run the business. :)

If you like her nursing cover, you can find her on Facebook: Mummy's Love

Look out for our post on the review of nursing cover from Mummy's Love and also a giveaway!

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