Monday, January 25, 2016

Mommy's guilt

A few days ago, Aedan fell face down onto the floor from bed while I was just less than a metre away trying to get my clothes. My heart ached when I saw this happened right in front of me.

I had placed him in the middle of the bed. I knew that he had learned to flip but he has never rolled.

While I was on my way to take my clothes, his head turned towards me, trying to see where Mommy was going, he tried to flip but the momentum caused him to roll instead. The next thing I knew, he was on the floor. Immediately, I carried him up & he was crying loudly.

I cried with him too as I felt so guilty, hoping to reverse time and thinking how I could have avoided this.
My natural instinct was to hug him closely & let him latched to soothe him.

After he cried for about 5mins, he fell asleep in my arm. I was relieved when he woke up to his normal self, cheerful & active.

Though he is alright, Mommy's guilt still remains

Many people told me that every babies will fall at least once or many times regardless how careful we are. However, it's still something I hope to avoid.

How can Mommy overcome this guilt?

I read that we shouldn't dwell on things which are not within our control. Learn from the lesson, reflect about how we can avoid it and let it go.

Through this incident, I have learnt that baby does grow up fast. Never assume that if they cannot roll now, they will not roll in the next second.

Aedan, if you get to read this when you grow up. Please forgive Mommy for letting you fell. Mommy loves u!

Mommy is constantly learning to be a better mom.



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