Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Nursing Cover from Mummy's Love

Nursing cover is one of the essential items for breastfeeding mums.

My first nursing cover was a free gift from Mount Alvernia Hospital. I used it a few times and didn't really like it. The material is light and I had difficulty holding the cover close to me especially cause Aedan loves to kick & wriggle. 

The cover has a metal wiring and an adjustable strap. It's worn like an apron and the metal frame allows mommy to peek in from the top. However, the opening from the metal frame made me very insecure as it is big enough for passerby to peek in too. 

I was looking for a nursing covers that I can nurse without worrying that I'll be exposed. After asking around, I found Mummy's Love!

How to order?

Simply go to Mummy's Love Facebook page, choose the type of fabrics and fb message them to place an order!

How much does it costs?

Price: $28-$32 depending on designs and fabric (price inclusive of normal postage)

Postage charges: $2.24 for registered postage and $7 for courier service

Estimate time of arrival: items are received within a week via normal postage upon confirmed order. 

Unwrapping time!

The nursing cover is packed inside a translucent plastic bag with a ziplock. I have been using it to keep my cover whenever I bring it out.

What do I like about the nursing cover?

1. The nursing cover provides very good full body coverage. I do not need to worry about exposing my back when I pull up my top up to nurse.

2. The neckline of the nursing cover is big enough for me to put my head in to position my baby's mouth for feeding.

3. It has 3-in-1 functions. Besides using it as nursing cover, it can be used as blanket for baby/mommy. It can also be used as a shield for stroller!

4. The material, Cotton Jersey, is lightweight, soft and comfy.

5. It can be washed by washing machine and do not require ironing

6. Mommy can even pump discreetly inside the nursing cover

7. There is a wide variety of designs.

What do I not like about the nursing cover? 

1. It can be a little warm to nurse my baby in the cover at places without air conditioning. However, the heat is bearable for a duration of 15 mins nursing time.

After switching to the nursing cover from Mummy's Love, I feel more secure when nursing at public places.

So far, I have nursed in polyclinics, hawker centres, in a car, restaurants & mrt. I nurse whenever baby is hungry and I do not need to worry about finding a nursing room.


Mummy's Love is sponsoring one nursing cover to one lucky reader!

With choice of designs from Mummy's Love Facebook listing.

Checkout how to participate on Twentysixoctober Facebook page.

If you like to find out more about the owner of Mummy's Love.

You may read her startup story here! 

The Story of Mummy's Love


Disclosure: Complimentary nursing cover is received for review purpose. There is no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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