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Fun things to do with your babies/kids: Visit Alive Museum

Hi mommies and daddies,

If you are bored and not sure what you to do with your little ones, think about spending your weekend at Alive Museum to take fun shots with your kids!

Since they grow up fast, take more pictures!

Last weekend, I visited Alive Museum with Aedan and his 3 godmothers thanks to the invitation from Alive Museum.

This was my 2nd visit. My first visit was in Aug 14 where they have invited bloggers to their official opening. You may read up on my first visit here. 

Review: Alive Museum Singapore

At that time, I was not even pregnant! So many things had happened in between.

- my hair went from long to short
- my dressing style changes
- and I have a baby now!

As part of Alive Museum's attractions yearly renewal, they have added in 2 new zones: Live.Love.Laugh and Young@heart and they have invited the bloggers for a revisit.

I was given 2 complimentary tickets and able to bring up to 4 friends who get to enjoy a 50% discount off tickets.

Okay, back to the topic.

Why I'll recommend visiting this place with kids?

1. It has many interesting 3D paintings that you can take photos with your little one to keep as memories.

2. Kids can be amused by the 3D paintings and interactive arts.

3. Taking fun shot is a good way to bond as a family.

4. It's conveniently located at central area, Suntec City.

During my visit there, I saw a few families who brought their kids and I can see that they totally enjoy it!

I had more fun this time round as I compared to my 1st visit. Maybe because we have more people or maybe because I get to take photos with Aedan. :)

Check out our fun pictures!

This is my favourite as I totally love Aedan's expression! 

Who say u cannot do ballet pose with a baby? 

My arms have definitely grew more muscular from carrying Aedan! 
"Mommy, why are u using me as a shield!"

"We are falling with the Penguins!"

"It's ok, I catch the Penguins"

Riding with the penguins!

Riding on animal ballon!

Riding with 7 men behind & a baby in front!

Riding on a bird with Aedan

Riding on a car now.

The chair is not real! I had used my butt & thigh muscles to hold in that position!

Haha. This chair is real.
Finally a picture without my carrier.

He looked so happy!

Check out Aedan's foot. Haha.

Credit all the photos to the godmothers-Sandra, Jane and Audrey!

We had a fun day!

Went to Crystal Jade for late lunch after that. 麻婆豆腐+粥 is match made in heaven!

Happy to receive goodies from friends!

Alive Museum 


Suntec City Mall, #03-372 (between Tower 3 & 4)

Operating Hours:

10am - 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)

Ticket Prices:
  • Adult: S$25
  • Children (3-12 yrs): S$20
  • Children (<3yrs): F.O.C.
  • Family (2 adult + 1 child (3-12 yrs old)): S$60, additional S$10 per child (up to max 3 children)

Approximate duration of visit: 1.5 hr.

Tips on how to handle a baby during the visit: 

1. Put them in front facing carrier (only if your babies have established strong neck support).

2. Bring their favourite toys to catch their attentions during the photo shoot.

3. Avoid visiting during their napping time. They will be very cranky if u keep them simulated during their napping time. 

4. Take as many photos as you can with your babies during the 1st hour. Baby's attention span is short. 

Have fun!

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