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My Pregnancy Diary 2 - Prenatal Visits and Costs (Week 8 to Week 22)

Hi all,

Pregnancy has been a meaningful and wonderful journey where my hubby and I have so much to learn about.
Like all the different pregnancy symptoms at different weeks, the dos and don'ts during pregnancy, the things to buy for pregnancy, baby/ maternal insurance, deciding gynae, hospital and many more.

Luckily with technology and development of useful apps, we can find many information we need from Baby Apps and Internet.

The few very good apps which I have been using are:

1. What to Expect 

2. Baby Centre

Both which I think are really good

In What to Expect, after entering the expected due date into the app, there will be weekly update on the baby's development and also mummy's symptoms. Moreover, there are sharing of useful information and tips daily.

Beside sharing of the apps which I have been using during my pregnancy, I’ll share with you my experience during my prenatal visit and the costs of each visit. For those preparing to have baby, you can start saving because it seriously costs a lot!

My hubby and I agreed to find a gynae at Mount Alvernia where it’s very near out house (walking distance). We both prefer female gynae and have Googled a list of female gynae at Mount Alvernia.
We found the reviews of gynae from Internet and read many good reviews on Dr Kang Wee. Many said she is very motherly and experienced. We found her CV from Internet and read that she has practiced O&G for more than 20 years. Previously, she is a senior consultant in KK Women & Children Hospital and started her private practice in Aug 2011.
We decided on Dr Kang Wee and called to make appointment.

27 Dec 14: Our 1st Gynae Visit – Our little Peanut is 7 or 8 week old.

Before our 1st visit, the nurse has advised us to drink at least 1.5 litre of water before the visit. Initially, I thought it’s for urine test purpose but later realized that it is to allow better viewing of the baby during the ultrasound. Because the baby is too small during 7 weeks and need more water to allow better viewing.
During our 1st gynae visit, Dr Kang Wee asked whether we are 1st time parents. After a few simple Q&A, she performed an ultrasound. This is the 1st time we saw our baby. It looks like a peanut (so cute!) from the ultrasound and we have decided to call he/she "xiao peanut" . Doctor measured the length of the baby and derived that it’s about 7 weeks old and our expected due date is 13 Aug.
Our gynae also prescribed prenatal vitamins and calcium for mummy.
Our next visit was scheduled in another 3 weeks time.

16 Jan 15: xiao peanut is 11 weeks

On our next visit, the gynae again performed the routine ultrasound to see the baby.
When she scanned it, she exclaimed “It’s so big already!”
Apparently, our baby has grew faster than expected. The gynae measured the size and said it’s in its 11th week and told us the expected due date will be 8 Aug instead. Haha. “发发” it’s an auspicious due date. And we may be even expecting a National Day baby! :))

The gynae also asked whether we will like to perform the down syndrome test which have to be tested before week 14 and cost about $300++.
We read about the test and it seems to be a common test where most parent-to-be will take. We thought about it and decided to opt out. Reason being we will not choose to give up the baby regardless of the result so we choose to not take.


13 Feb 15: 15 weeks. Maybe a boy?

In this visit, the baby looks more like a little baby where we can see the head and body. The doctor even spotted something between the legs but couldn't be sure. She said this may be a baby boy but normally it can only be more confirmed in the 4 – 5 month so will be the next visit.
I'm asked to perform a blood test which is supposed to be a routine test to check on blood counts and any other abnormality.

6 March 15: 18 week. Baby is hiding the gender. And we may have to change Gynae :(

In this visit, we are supposed to find out the gender of the baby.
During the ultrasound, we saw the baby moving and shaking his body. It’s so cute.
We are excited to see the baby’s gender. But I guess our baby wanna keep mummy and daddy in suspension. Our gynae cannot be sure of the gender because the umbilical cod was between the baby’s legs. So no choice, we have to wait till the next checkout.

She also went through my blood test results which showed that I have slightly low red blood count which may be due to either iron deficiency or an hereditary blood disorder called Thalassemia (read more by clicking). This is generally harmless with no symptom if we are just the carrier. However, if both father and mother are carriers of Thalassemia, the baby will be affected. So she said it’s better to for the father to take the blood test as well.

There's also a not so good news. When we consulted about the prenatal visit package, our gynae told us that she has stopped the package because she may stop her O&G practice due to a policy change that requires her to pay for insurance post-retirement. Dr Kang Wee was near retirement age and may not want to continue practising if this policy is implement. She mentioned she can only let us know by end April. So there’s a chance that we may change gynae. :(

27 March 2015 – Detailed ultrasound. It’s a boy! xiao peanut at his 21st week.

We did the detailed ultra sound at KKH because typically gynae don't have the ability to do detail scanning at their clinic. We are able to see the skull, spine, heart, kidney, stomach, the main arteries in the heart, face and the full body... and the doctor has confirmed the gender of the baby is boy! :)) From the ultra sound picture, the gynae said the baby looks like daddy.
I have to admit there are similarities especially the big nose. Haha.
I felt so touched when I saw the baby moving during the ultrasound session.
The gynae said he is very active and kept moving, giving her a hard time to capture the image of the baby organs.
The results of all the scans are positive. The baby is growing well and healthy except that my placenta is a little low which it’s common during 5 months pregnancy. I have to avoid vigorous activities and it should be fine if there’s no spotting.

After we know the gender of our baby. My hubby starts to search for the baby's name.
Initially, I thought of calling him Weagan because it's the name we gave to our monkey soft toy which is a special gift my hubby bought for me during our 1st month together. I thought it will be meaningful to call our baby Weagan. Haha. But my hubby disagreed. He think Weagan sounds a little too cute and hope for a more mature name for our baby. He suggest “Aedan” which is a Irish boy name that means “born of fire”. I agreed with him that Aedan sounds nicer and I do like the meaning of this name.

So after a short debate, we decided to call our little boy Aedan. We hope he will live his life with passion and fire.

I feel so much closer with him now when he has his name and I feel his movement in my tummy more frequently. :) It’s great joy thinking that Aedan is with me in my tummy all this time. 

09 April 2015 – Week 22. Baby is active and we finally decided on our new Gynae

We have finally decided on our new gynae, Dr Goh Shen Li. Again, we prefer female Gynae and have read reviews from forums to find a younger Gynae so as to ensure that she will not choose to stop practice after the new policy is implementation. 

I am after week 20 so I thought it's a good time to decide on my Gynae and to sign maternity package to reduce the consultation costs. 

I read many good review on Dr Goh Shen Li, Moreover, her package price is more reasonable than many other gynae at Mount Alvernia. She is charging S$880 (excluding GST) for 10 sessions which include consultation, ultrasound scan and routine test. Her package starts at 14 weeks unlike many other which starts after 20 week. It will be good if we have decided to visit her earlier.

Without package, her price will be as followed:

  • 1st consultation: S$110 
  • Follow up consultation: S$80
  • 1st ultrasound scan: S$60
  • Follow up ultrasound: S$40
  • Routine test: S$5

We are quite satisfied with her service during our first consultation with her. She is more patient during the scan and she will try to capture more movements of the baby.  We saw the baby stretching and touching his face. We have brought along all our previous test reports which she has also went through thoroughly with us. We have obtained the father's blood test report and we are glad that daddy's blood is normal and is not Thalassemia carrier. :)

We told her that during our detailed ultrasound scan, the report shows that my placenta is slightly low. She assured us that this is normal during 20 weeks and the placenta will slowly move up during later stage.

I have done an excel sheet of the costs of my prenatal visits so far. We have signed up for the prenatal package for 10 session after 20 weeks and hope this will help save some money. 

Kang Clinic For Women
1st consultation
Routine Test
Metoclopramide - 20 tab
Gestacare multi vitamin - one box
Bonacal - one large bottle
Total + GST
Kang Clinic For Women
Follow up constultation
Routine Test
Gestacare multi vitamin - one box
Total + GST
Kang Clinic For Women
Follow up consultation
Routine Test
Antenatal profile - blood test on mother
Gestacare multi vitamin - one box
Qualibrain - fish oil
Total + GST
Kang Clinic For Women
Follow up consultation
Routine Test
HB Electrophoresis - blood test on father
Gestacare multi vitamin - one box
Qualibrain - fish oil
Bonacal - one large bottle
Sangobion - 30 tab
Total + GST
KK's Women & Children
1st consultation at KK
FA/High risk obstetric scan - detail ultrascan
Total + GST
SL Goh Women's Clinic
Top up for new case in package
Antenatal Package for 10 session
Package includes:
Follow up consultation
Routine Test
Hemoplex capsules - 30 tab
Total + GST

Total prenatal cost
Though we met a little hipcup  (as we have to change gynae). we are glad that at least our baby Aedan is growing healthily and everything is fine.

The money is worth it as long as baby is well. :)

With love,


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  1. Dear Mommy Eve,
    I happen to stumble upon your blog while googling "pregnancy in singapore". I am absolutely clueless in this area and hope to find something useful and realistic online.
    Unlike most women, i do not look forward to pregnancy but my other half loves kids. Thus, that is why i am trying to gather information. Your blog is very down to earth and filled with so many relevant information. I really feel i have to thank you for sharing.
    Thank you!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. I am just sharing what I have been through. I am glad that it came useful to you. Motherhood is definitely not easy but trust me it's worth it. Morning sickness, hormonal change, giving birth, sleepless nights, nipple crack from bfing... these will make a woman stronger. The lovely smile from baby's face made all the struggles worth it. I hope you'll get to experience this wonderful nature gift. :)


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