Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Baby carrier sling bag from Mamacat

So happy to finally receive my goodies from Mamacat!
Ever since I started using my baby carrier when Aedan was one month old, I have been looking for a bag to store my baby carrier.

It was inconvenient that whenever I carried Aedan out of the carrier, I'll have to leave the carrier hanging on me as I couldn't find a place to keep it.

While browsing through Mamacat Facebook page, I saw their baby carrier sling bag which can fit most soft structured carriers perfectly!

I was thrilled & immediately messaged them on Facebook to order one!

Price: $30 for standard fabrics & $38 for premium fabrics.

Postage charges: $1.50 for normal mail & $3.80 for smartpac post

What do I like about Mamacat's baby carrier sling bag?

1. They have a wide variety with over hundreds of design fabrics to choose from.

2. Their sling bags can fit most soft structured carriers such as Tula, Lenny Lamb, Kinderpack, Manduca, Ergo, Beco, Bjorn, Prognae and Boba.

3. They even custom-make for hipseat carriers.

4. The sling bag is made with very good workmanship.

5. The owner is very friendly and replied to my Facebook message within 24 hrs.

Unwrapping Time!

All Mamacat items are sewed with their logo.
Besides the carrier sling bag, I also like their drawstring treasure bag and toy strap!

I found it inconvenient to dig out my wallet and handphone from my backpack while carrying Aedan and so I usually hold them on my hand.

Now with this treasure bag, I can use it to keep my wallet and handphone and simply sling it on my wrist! 

"I like my red toy strap!"

It's Giveaway Time again!! 

Mamcat is sponsoring a baby carrier sling bag ($38), a drawstring treasure bag ($15) and 2 pacifier straps ($7 each) to our readers!

Hop over to Twentysixoctober Facebook page for details! 

To find out more about the owner,
read The Story of Mamacat here.


Disclosure: Complimentary drawstring treasure bag and toy strap are received for review purpose. There is no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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