Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Prepare a Wedding in 6 Month?

I still remember clearly that on the night, right after the proposal, after changing our relationship status on facebook from "in relationship" to "engaged", many friends enquired about when will be our big date. And all I've replied were "not so soon", "have not thought of the wedding". And in my mind, I'm thinking, I can do without a wedding since it's probably going to be troublesome, time-consuming, costly and tiring to plan a wedding.

Weeks after the proposal.....
while I was still immersed in the feeling of surprise and love, my fiance popped a question, 
"when should we get married?". 
And I looked at him with a blank look, "don't know"
Then he mentioned, how good will it be if we will to get married on 26 Oct, our dating anniversary?
We went to look at the calendar and so happened that 26 Oct 13 is a Saturday! How fantastic! "Maybe it's not a bad idea to have a wedding"
The only concern .. it's happening in 6 months time!
A few options we thought of, should we have it outdoor? In a restaurant?or In a hotel ballroom? 

1. Outdoor Wedding: 
  • Pros: We can design it into a fairytale scene with lots of flowers or make it into a Twilight inspired wedding with garden theme "so beautiful"
  • Cons: What if it rains? How much time required to coordinate the set up? Moreover, even if it never rain, Singapore weather is so humid and hot

Twilight wedding scene
2. Restaurant Wedding:
  • Pros: Less pricey, maybe better food quality if we find a good restaurants
  • Cons: Did not managed to find a restaurant available which have my ideal aisle. To me, one of the most important moment in wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle. The aisle is like the path to love and happiness "something I can't do without"

Pheony Jade restauarant
3. Hotel Wedding:
  • Pros: Indoor, able to get a beautiful aisle, classy, a few hotels provide very good food quality, easy to coordinate, more convenient
  • Cons: maybe more expensive 

So we felt that hotel wedding seem to has more pros than cons and we decided to go for it.

We've about 6 months to the day. Are we able to make it in time?

Next day, I immediately sent emails to all the hotels in Singapore to enquire on the ballroom availability at 26 Oct 2013.

Luckily, there is this website: which features all wedding banquets' names, pricing, email and contact numbers. It makes finding a the location easier, much easier.

After receiving the replies from hotels, we shortlisted a few and went on site visit. We've made a few appointments on weekends and took pictures of the venue. 

I realized that I need to set my requirements in order to decide. 

My requirements:

  • Beautiful aisle
  • Price not more than 1500 per table (inclusive of GST and service charge)
  • Good food quality (knowing that my guest know how to enjoy food)
  • Convenient location
  • High ceiling (looks nicer)
  • Preferably without pillars (Pillars is distracting and may block the view of certain tables)
  • Of course good perks (but that's depend on your bargaining skills)

After one week.....
And going through the list of hotels, I found one which fits all my requirements and is available on 26 Oct 13! Guess it's fated for us to get married on this day. 

Most people told us that good wedding location usually need to be booked 1 yr in advance. 
BUT surprisingly, when I enquired hotels 6 months before my expected date, there are many which returned with availability. 

"Luckily married"

With Love, 

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