Saturday, November 9, 2013

Singapore says "No" to Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an online dating and social networking website that targets married couple. Their slogan is " Life is short. Have an affair"

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I am shock that there is such website that exists. 

Understand from Wikipedia, AshleyMadison's business model is based on credits rather than monthly subscriptions. For a conversation between two members, one of the members must pay five credits to initiate the conversation. Any follow up messages between the two members are free after the communication has been initiated. AshleyMadison also has a real time chat feature that is metered. Credits are utilised to pay for a certain time allotment of chat. 
Click this Ashley Madison's site review to read more about how this ridiculous website works. 

My opinion: 

I'm really glad that Singapore took the initiative to ban this website. This act though may not help to reduce divorce rates but it shows that Singapore values our morals and family values.
I agree that this website is definitely in demand in this society where people are more open and less conservatives, however, by allowing this website, it can just make it worse.

In these days, it is not uncommon to hear that 'who' and 'who' are having extra martial affair. There are people who are willing to play and it seems that there is an unspoken rules to such games. 

But like what I've mentioned in my previous post "How do you know whether this love will last forever", to the commitment of a marriage, it's a choice. 
I personally believe that marriage is sacred and a promise to long term commitment. When I've said " I do", I have agreed to whole heartedly believe and commit to make this relationship exclusive and forever. 

Everyone has their own opinion and definition to marriage.  But like I say, it's important to find someone with the same understanding and vision of marriage. 

Ashley Madsion, sorry, we do not welcome you. 

With Love, 


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