Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is it necessary to have a wedding lunch/dinner?

Today, while chatting with my female colleague who is getting married soon, our conversations lead to the debate on this question,

Is it necessary to have a wedding lunch/dinner?
Her opinion is that there is no need to have a wedding as the money can be spent on more meaningful things, such as travelling or house renovation.

She believes that wedding dinner now a days is more for the couple to please their relatives and in the expense of their time and money.

It's true to a certain extend.

I personally agree that wedding is not actually necessary. 

It's more a want than need.
However, I think it's not always the case that couples have wedding to please the elders.

Very often, couples follow tradition and have wedding lunch/dinner so that relatives and friends can be informed of their marriage. More for elder relatives than friends (since, in current era, friends can be informed through facebook's status).

To me, my wedding is not about pleasing elders' wish, instead is to please myself.

MARRIAGE is ideally once in a life time.

And wedding is usually a one time thing too. 

So I'll like it to be memorable

Yes, I agree that wedding is troublesome, costly and time consuming.
But at the same time, it's memorable, great to have friends and relative there to witness the event and also a once in a life time experience to record.

I've never regretted holding a wedding dinner. I can still remember my first march in after they played the video made by my hubby followed by my favourite love song "Thousand Years". It's just too beautiful to be true.

I guess it's the effort made in the wedding that makes a wedding memorable.

For my wedding, we try to plan and do most of the stuffs by ourselves including video montage and actual day performance.

Even the 2nd march in montage is made by my hubby. He spent nights after work to make all the videos. I am really touch.

It has always been my dream to dance with my husband on our special day and I'm happy that we've realized it. 

To some people, they may think that wedding that goes over showy is fake.

However, don't you think, wedding which the couple had put in a lot of time and effort, is more memorable? 

Moreover, memorable wedding is not necessary expensive. 

I guess wedding is all about what a couple wants.

Simple, showy, expensive, or no wedding. Ultimately, it should depend on what the couple wants and there should be no regret after. 

With Love,

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