Friday, November 22, 2013

What's ur better choice?

Reading is like feeding supplement to my mind and soul.

I have been reading a few books recently, staying late night reading, and it feels really good. 

There are times in life when we may be lost or not sure of our direction ahead. While reading, allow me to open my perspectives and ponder on questions in life. 

Life is between a start and an end. We are all born to live and one day, we will die. 
So between this, it's our journey in life. 
Our life is full of possibility of different outcomes and these outcomes depend on the decisions/choices we made at each deciding junction. 

While making choices, people often want to make sure that a "better choice" is made.
"better choice"?  
are subjective. 

What consider "better" to one may not be "better" to another. For a person who love wealth and enjoy material satisfaction, a high paying job with no work satisfaction may be "better". But for a person who enjoy living a stable and fulfilling life, a job that provides work satisfaction and work-life-balance may be more important and hence "better". 

As such, it is important for us to know our priorities and wants in life in order to make better decision which will lead us to our desire outcome. 

However, often, people are led by influence, wealth, materials and immediate satisfaction, but not know what's their ultimate goal in life. 
And more often a wrong direction will lead to one working hard to achieve results which is not one wants. And this is when people get unhappy and unbalance.

I personally believe in striking a balance.
Health and 
Relationship with love ones. 
All are important and cannot be disregard,

Some people may spend alot of their time in work and focusing in building wealth, in the expense of health and time with family and friends. 

Balancing all four components is not easy and it takes consistent effort to remind ourselves. 

It's important to live happy, healthy & whole.

That's what I believe. What's urs?

With love,

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