Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Proposal: My Birthday Surprise? Oh no, it's a Proposal!

At age 25, I've never imaged that marriage can be such a happy thing.

I shall recap how shock I am when he turned my birthday surprise into a proposal. 
"Hope that this blog post will help me to keep a record of this precious memory"

I'm really one who is hard to surprise. I hate myself for that because I just missed the fun of surprise. 
But this time, he did surprise me....

My birthday: 5th April
The day: 6th April

I still remember clearly that it was a Saturday.
I kind of guessed that my friends and my bf (at that time), will try to give me a birthday surprise.

On 6th April, he took me to Timbre @ The Arts House. As expected, my friends were there to surprise me, "Happy Birthday!!".  
Everything seems like what I've expected, surprise cake, chit chatting and having food. 
At close to 11, while I thought the night was late, and we shall head home, my bf went up on stage to sing a song! "so sweet <3"

All I had in my mind was birthday, birthday, and birthday, like it's everything for my birthday.
But after the song, he started saying mushy stuffs "blush". 

And all of the sudden, I had this feeling "Oh! Is he really going to do it?"

I'm glad that my best friend took a video of the whole process 

I am really touch when I heard him said about all the things we've went through. I can still remember the special feeling. 
However, besides feeling happy, I had a mixing feeling like "OMG, what should I do". Many thoughts flashed through my mind.
Should I stand up now? 
Should I run towards him? or 
Should I just wait there?.... 
I really don't know how to react. 
"Not sure do all the other girls experienced this when their bf proposed"

In the end, my friend has to slowly push me to the side of the chair where he kneel down in front of me.
  I said "I do" 

That moment, I felt like my fairy tale has finally came true. 

My hubby told me that Timbre has been really helpful and cooperative for the proposal, especially, the part where they allowed my hubby to perform on stage and play along to smoke bomb me. 

And Yes, I accepted the ring

Thanks to all my friends for being part of this special day

Thanks to Timbre's Manager who make this possible!

Thanks to the band for playing along

The proposal is at Timbre @ The Arts House, if you are a man reading this, you may consider making a proposal there. I've heard from my hubby that he reserved the place like 3 months in advance. 

"When a man ask a woman to marry him, the women is blessed with love"

with Love, 

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