Monday, December 2, 2013

What is Do Not Call Registry?

Have you ever received unimportant calls from marketing sales agents which disrupted your meeting/work?


Have you experienced receiving multiple advertisement SMS from unknown numbers?


Want to stop this? 

Your Savior is here!!

Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

It is an initiative run by Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) - a government statutory body established to administer and enforce the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

So if you will like to stop receiving unsolicited telemarketing messages, you may register your telephone numbers with DNC Registry!

You can customize the types of marketing channel you will not like to received. There are in general 3 types:

1) No Voice Call Register
2) No Text Messages Register
3) No Fax Messager Register

And you may choose to reject all 3 sources of marketing information or only restrict the sales marketing from calling you or only restrict them from SMS-ing you, which ever combination you like.

However, there are some things which are classified as non-marketing messages and is not protected under DNC registry

1) Service call (e.g. reminder for an appointment)

2) Market survey or research 
3) Charitable or religious causes (e.g. donations to a charitable organisation)
4) Business-to-Business (B2B) (e.g. corporate insurance as opposed to personal insurance)
5) Head hunting calls (So you do not need to worry that if you have registered your number under DNC registry, you will not be head hunted!)

So only pure consumer tele-consulting calls/SMS/fax on the number registered under DNC registry will be protected

Till here, you should be wondering.... How Can I register? 

There are 3 ways of registration: online, SMS and phone. 
And it's free to register. 

You may only register from 2nd December 2013 onwards

1) Online @ DNC Registry Website:

2) SMS

3) Phone

If you are still not too sure, you can check out the video below:

You may wonder what is the penalty if sales marketing agents still call you after you have registered your number? 

--> You can lodge a complain to PDPC with information of the organization/marketing agents. 
Successful complain will lead to a fine from S$ 1,000 to S$ 10,000 on the organizations which breach the act.

With a such a hefty fine, most organization will probably not take the risk. 

However, organization may still call/ SMS you if you have given them clear consent to do so, and it can be in consent forms or materials which you have agreed.

In the future, we have to read the terms and conditions clearly before we agree on it as it may be conditions that provide them with the consent to market their products to you. 

Important Points for Consumers: 

Consumer may still receive telemarketing calls after registration: 
1) Within 30/60 days* after registration
2) If they have given clear consent to specific organizations (before or after registration) for telemarketing
3) If they receive overseas telemarketing messages for overseas products and services only (the overseas telemarketer cannot have any link to Singapore organizations, else consumer has the rights to charge related company in Singapore)
* 60 days for the period before 2 July 2014 and 30 days for the period on or after 2 July 2014.


1) 2nd Dec 2013: Consumers may register early from this date but the DNC provisions have not taken effect and organizations are not obligated to start checking the DNC Registry yet

2) 2nd Jan 2014: Organizations must check DNC Registry before conducting telemarketing activities and consumers may still receive telemarketing messages for up to 60 days

3) 2nd July 2014: Consumers may still receive telemarketing for up to 30 days 

If you have any enquiries, you may visit their website at: to know more or

Attend their upcoming consumer Talks

The Personal Data Protection Act and What It Means to You

Knowing Your Choices: Personal Data Protection Act & Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

  • Date: 18 January 2014, Saturday
  • Time: 9.30am - 12.00pm
  • Venue: NTUC Centre
  • Fee: S$5 (exclusive GST)
  • To register visit:

Hope that this information is useful to you!

Evelyn Cheo

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