Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What to pack in diaper bag?

It has been a month since my last post.
Baby Aedan is in his 16th week! Time flies. Baby grows up really fast and I have been documenting these precious moments. 
My hubby is currently overseas and it's difficult for me to send him the video via whatsapp when the size is too big so I've decided to upload on YouTube for easy sharing.

Ever since I became a mommy, diaper bag became an essential whenever I'm out with baby. 
Whereas all my other small fancy bags which I used to carry to work and dinners are all chucked one side to accumulate dust. 

It's important to get a bag that is easy to carry with compartments to store the baby items. I personally love back pack diaper bag. Back pack is lighter when carried on both shoulders. 

Here the list of items in my diaper bag: 

1. Nursing cover 

2. A pouch to put the diaper changing items & wash cloth 

3. Merries Diapers x 3

4. Diaper cream 

5. Huggies wet wipe 

6. Diaper changing mat 

7. A small toy 

8. A blanket 

9. Wash cloth

10. Nursing pads in Avent pouch

11. Disposable plastic bag 

12. Tissues

13. Changing clothes (optional) - only if I'm going out with baby for a long day

14. A folder to put all important documents like birth certificate and health booklet  

I breastfed exclusively so there  is no need for bottles, warm water and milk powder. The benefit of breastfeeding! 

As you can see most of my items are in bright colours as it helps to brighten my day!
Here's a photo of my usual look of the day of with little Aedan.

What's in your diaper bag?

Evelyn C.

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