Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015!

This year Christmas is a special one as it's the 1st time that I'm celebrating with Aedan! Daddy don't be jealous. Haha.

Though Daddy is not in Singapore, Mommy is blessed to have close friends to spend this special day with. Thanks for making this Christmas gathering a lunch event so that Aedan & I can join in! (I usually prefer not to go out at night to avoid disrupting Aedan's sleeping schedule.)

We had pot luck & gifts exchange!
It's difficult to prepare pot luck with a baby (always wanting attention) so I chose to bring fruits which required less preparation. Moreover, it's a healthier choice! 
I made an effort to make them look Christmassy! 
- strawberry 
- grape 
- cherry  

We also had a gift sharing session. 
I had headache when considering what to buy for 7 pax. 
Since Christmas is the time when we share love & care with our loved ones, I believe the thought of sharing is more important than the actual gifts. 
So.. I decided to make a Christmas gift bag (decorated by myself with some help from Aedan) & packed with practical things from Daiso!

It was fun & also tiring shopping in Daiso for gifts (with Aedan in the carrier)! 

Here's what I got with a budget of $6 per gift bag. 

1. Vaccum Seal Storage Bags 
This is ideal for travellers to help them squeeze in their loots into their luggage bags. 
2 of my friends are going to Japan this coming year end so I hope it will come useful to them. 

2. Cord Belt Hook & Loop 
I personally love this! 
I hate to see my computer's & charger's cords get tangled up. This will help solve the problem. 
This is also ideal for my friends who are travelling as they can use it to keep their chargers neatly in the luggages. 

3. Charcoal Facial Cleansing Foam
I have personally tried this facial foam & it's quite good! Moreover, the size is also just nice to bring for travelling.  

I love Christmas because it gives me the opportunity to meet up with my loved ones & prepare little gifts for them.
Furthermore, I get to receive & open presents too. ^_^

I don't have any Christmas wishlist so I'm not hoping for any particular Christmas present. I simply like to receive things wrapped in gift wrappers & love the joy of opening a gift. Haha. 

It was great to catch up with my secondary school friends. 
They had fun playing with Aedan too. 
The next gathering will be for my farewell!
I like this picture captured by my bestie 

How's your Christmas?
 Hope u have fun too! 

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