Friday, December 18, 2015

8 Sacrifices Mommy makes for her baby that are all worthwhile

I'm officially a stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM).

A few days ago, I went back to office with a heavy heart & tendered my resignation. I have weighed my importances & my baby is definitely my priority.

In life, we just can't have everything. 

Often we need to sacrifice one thing for the better of another. In my case, I sacrifice my career to take care of my baby as there's no family or relatives who can help take care & I do not trust a stranger to do this job.
Kudos to those working Moms as they have to juggle work & babies.

Being a mother is no easy job and there are sacrifices to be made.

1. Career
Regardless whether we choose to be SAHM or working Mommy, we will face with time when baby needs extra care (eg. when baby is sick) & we have to put down our work to care for baby.
For me, I chose to quit my job to be the care giver for my baby.

2. Physical appearance
Mommy will never look the same as before after child birth. We can make considerable effort to slim down & look good but our body will never look exactly the same as before.

3. Money
With additional dependent and expenses, Mommy has to cut down other expenses like lesser new clothes and no more new fancy bags for the time being.

4. Freedom
With baby, we can't go out whenever & wherever we want without planning. It's difficult to have impromptu meet up with friends or movie night. Every outing requires planning such as the things to bring out (carrier or stroller) & to consider baby's feeding & napping time.

5. Time 
Our 24 hours is no longer all ours. Most of the time, I find that I only have a few hours of "me" time when baby is sleeping.

6. Sleep
No one sleep when baby is awake. No more luxury of sleeping 6-8 hrs straight as Mommy has to wake up every 2-3 hrs to feed.

7. Desire
A lot of time, Mommy has to sacrifice self interest for the better of baby. I have threw away thoughts of buying fancy clothes & branded bag as I'm now sticking to clothes that are comfortable & easy to breastfeed. The only bag which I bring out is diaper bag.

8. Endurance of pain
Child birth & breastfeeding. The pain from contraction & nipples crack. Sometime the soreness from nipples can be unbearable but we still continue to breastfeed. Mommy just have to endure as it's all worth it when we see the milk drunken look on baby's face.

I believe in fair trade in life which means if you want something, you have to give something else. All these sacrifices are all worth it when I see my baby smiles & sleeps peacefully in my arm and the fulfilment in observing him grow up each day. Baby grows up fast.

The joy that baby brings into the family is incomparable to the momentary happiness from material rewards. It's something that money can't buy.

We can always work in the future for career, money & desire. But the chance to witness baby grows up is only once in a life time. They will not always be so small.

Enjoy each day as parents!
Happy reading,

Evelyn C.

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