Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

It has been 2 years since we are declared husband and wife. And also 8 years since we agreed to be each other exclusive dating partner. :)

Since marriage, we have never celebrated this special day physically together. Last year, you were posted overseas for work attachment and this year, you are again overseas for studies. 

Though we are not physically together, you never failed to remember this date and be the first to wish me "Happy Anniversary". I almost forgot that today is twentysixoctober before you wished me happy anni on 12 midnight. I have been too focus on taking care of our little Aedan that I have lost track of date. 

There's no flower, no cake, no surprise. 
Only a simple message from you.
However, I still feel very happy. I know that you are always thinking of us when you are away. When you are by my side, you never failed to pamper me. When you are overseas, you will always try to update me on what happened and tell me how much you miss us. Moreover, I have little Aedan to accompany me this year. 
I know that you are trying hard to build a nice home for us in Israel. And I know you definitely miss holding Aedan in your arm. 

Okay, while I'm typing this I received a flower delivery at 15:55. So I'm going to change to there is flower and I'm definitely surprised! 
Sorry, I never prepare any gift or surprise for you. My only gift is that I'll continue to love you. :p

I have started this blog to keep record of our good memories and I'm glad I'm still doing it. More memories & hope this will continue to be happily ever after. 

Happy Anniversary!

Love you always ❤️❤️❤️


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