Monday, February 15, 2016

Aedan 1st taste of solid food. Review of Philips Avent Steamer Blender

Another milestone! Aedan has tried his first solid food when he reached 6 months. It was an exciting experience for Mommy and baby.

I had made Aedan's first solid food using Philips Avent Steamer Blender which is a gift from Aedan's 大伯.

Unboxing of Avent Steamer Blender!

What's contained inside?

  1. Step-by-step guidebook 
  2. Recipe booklet
  3. Instruction booklet 
  4. Warranty 
  5. Steamer Blender 
  6. A measuring cup
  7. A spatula 

How to use? 

It is a 2-in-1 steamer cum blender which Mommy can used to made purée for baby. It's really simple to use.

steam > flip -> blend all in one.

1. 1. Throw the cut fruits or vegetables inside. 
2. Add water into the side of the steamer. The amount depends on the type of fruits or vegetables which you are going to steam. There is a list of approximate steaming time for different types of food on their instruction booklet.

3. Turn the dot to the left which will turn on the steaming function
4. Monitor the time and wait for the food to be steamed.
5. Turn the dot to the middle to stop steaming
6. Flip the container upside down
7. Turn the dot to the right to start the blending function. Turn on 3-5 times depending on how fine you want the content to be.
8. And it's ready to be served in a bowl! 

I have used it to make all types of purée!
Sweet potatoes, apple, banana ...

Sweet potatoes purée!

Apple & banana swirl. Though it don't look very appealing, it tastes really yummy! 
Pumpkin soup with only pumpkin! 

Apple purée 

Avocado purée 

You can add water or milk inside the container after steaming if you want the purée to be more watery.

My verdict

- It is really easy to use.

- They provide useful receipts and step by step guide in making purée and other baby's foods.

- you only need to wash one container instead of washing a steaming pot plus blender if you are to steam and blend separately.

- One disadvantage: when I first started using it, the cover was quite hard to push open. I need to use it for awhile to loosen it.

You can get it from Kiddy palace, Isetan, Robinson or BHG. It costs about $158.

Happy cooking,

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  1. I've heard good things about this phlips avent product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.....


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