Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Vday 2016!

As we became parents, everyday life revolves around taking care of our little one and the essentials. There is less and less romance. 

This Vday got me to think about the importance of us keeping the romance as a married couple.
Especially now that we have kid, it's easy for us to forget about doing sweet things for our partner. 
I start to think it will be sad if we live by 365 days with no romance. 
Vday is a day where we can try to do something sweet and romantic for each other. I don't need everyday to be romantic but at least once and hopefully more than once a year. 

I'm happy that this year we celebrated our Vday by having a very sweet (sugar overdosed) high tea at Sheraton Tower with our little Aedan. 

I hope we will remember to celebrate every year till we are 100 years old. 

- Twentysixoctober

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