Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Travel with baby to Jerusalem

You may notice, have not been active in updating my blog and Facebook as it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to use my mobile as Aedan will snatch it away from me whenever he sees it. I can only use my phone when he's sleeping. 
And lately, I have been spending my precious "Aedan's napping time" to research and plan for our upcoming Italy and Greece trip. I have finally booked all plane tickets! Hurray!!  
still trying to decide on the accommodations. Will share more on the pre-trip planning next time. 

Today I'm blogging about our day tour to Jerusalem!! This post is super belated. We had travelled to Jerusalem months ago and it took me this long to finally blog it down. 
This day, we woke up early and set off for our adventures to Jerusalem. The rough plan was to visit the Holocaust History Museum before we head for lunch at the Mahane Yehuda Market and then to the Old City where we will spend the rest of our day there till dinner. 

We took about 2 hrs to drive from Haifa to Jerusalem. 🚗. 

Holocaust History Museum (Yad Vasham)

The first stop of our trip - Holocaust History Museum also known as Yad Vasham. We reached before noon and were super excited
But just when we were happily driving into their car park, we were told by their security officer that 
BABY is not allowed into the museum! 

Who's to blame? Ourselves. For not doing enough research for this day trip. :(

#Babytraveltip: always check online whether baby is allowed. 
For those family who are planning a trip to Jerusalem, do note that baby is not allowed into the museum. 

We could only take pictures of the Holocust Memorial Museum from outside. 
"Tears 😢" Bye bye museum

#Babytraveltip: "Travelling with a baby, we have to be flexible with our plan and not be disheartened by unexpected obstacles" 

So we still looked forward to our next stop - Mahane Yehuda Market & Lunch! 

Mahane Yehuda Market 

Here we were at the market.
It was crowded!
Mahane Yehuda Market also known as "The Shuk" is a popular market amongst both tourists and locals. There are more than 250 stalls which sell a variety of items -  fresh fruits, vegetable, meat, egg, nuts, spices, wine, souvenir, pastries, textiles, hardware, etc.

It's a market bustling with vendors marketing their products.

#Traveltip: In Israel, you can always ask to taste the food before purchasing. Moreover, it's a common practice to bargain. In a market like this, do not settle for the first price! 

We had our lunch at a food stall within the sheltered part of the market. This stall specialises in making fish & chips, the only thing on the menu. It's a small stall (as you can see from photo.) They cook their food at the 2nd level and sent them down to be served. 
There were really many people patronising here and that's the main reason why we decided to try this place. 

After we waited for about 20-30 min. We were finally served! They provided mayonnaise, chill and ketchup sauces at the side. Sorry.. Can't remember how much this costs. 
It tasted within expectations. A typical fish & chip you can expect. Fresh fish. Crispy. 
When we were eating, Aedan wanted to eat it too. He screamed and tried to reach for our food. He had never wanted to try our food so badly.. Maybe cause I was eating with him in the carrier :p 
Being #badparents, we digged out what's inside the unhealthy cripsy exterior and let him tried both the fish and fries..... And he LOVED it!! He smiled with his eyes wide opened ...the look like he has tasted the best thing in his life..the look was priceless. 

After we gained something priceless, we paid a price to another thing. :(
We went back to our car and saw a PARKING FINE! We saw many cars parked along the street and so we followed. The fine was 500 shekels. We had less budget for travelling that month.

Next stop - The Old City, Jerusalem 

The Old City in Jerusalem is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world for both the religious and non-religious. This place is filled with rich and layered histories. It contains stories from many religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam - which is no surprise why Israel is known as the Holy Land. It has been through several crusades, and cycles of destruction and reconstruction. 

We begin our tour at the Old City from Jaffa Gate
Like typical tourist, we visited the Tourist Information Centre to get a map before we entered into the maze. 

The Old City is huge.. It will take a few days to complete the whole place. We only had a few hours left for the day so we circled the main attractions where we wanted to hit first.

Our first stop at The Old City - Tower of David. 
This is our first stop as it's nearest to Jaffa Gate.

This place is not very baby-friendly. There are many steps and tunnels. Definitely not stroller-friendly. Luckily we were in baby carrier and we managed to visit most of the spots.

Tower of David requires admission tickets. You can check the prices and opening hours from the link here: The Tower of David - visitor info

After spending some time at the Tower of David, we went to the Western wall - the most holy wall in world. Millions of people visit this wall to pray. It's a tradition that people will queue to touch the wall, make their payer and insert a little piece of paper with their wishes into the wall. 

The Western Wall is free for admission. 

After the Western Wall, we headed to The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
It is located at the Christian quarter and it's one of the holiest places for Christians as it's the place where Jesus was crucified. This place also contains the empty tomb which Jesus was buried and resurrected. 

This is the Stone of Anointing on which tradition believes to be the spot where Jesus' body was prepared for burial by Joseph of Arimathea. Many people prayed and touched it for blessing.

Many visitors gathering in front of the tomb of Jesus. 

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is free for admission. 

Within the Old City, there are Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters where there are stalls which sell food and souvenirs.

I got this pretty bracelet as a free gift from one of the stalls from which i had bought 4 bracelets. 

We were planning to visit the Temple Mount / Dome of the Rock after the Western Wall but it was closed. Sadly, we only managed to hit 3 attractions out of the many. I think we'll have to visit another time to cover more. 

After the super long walk, we were super hungry. We went back to the Jaffa Gate to find a place for dinner. 

There are many shops and restaurants at the Jaffa Gate area but most of the restaurants were very packed. We didn't read any reviews and just tried our luck at an Italian restaurant called Luciana located at the 2nd floor in the mall at Jaffa Gate area. 

The place has a nice ambience with a water fountain in the middle of the restaurant (forgot to take a picture). I have to say.. We were pleasantly surprised that the food tasted awesome. 
Their pasta tasted really good. (Considered that we were starving .. Maybe it added extra plus to this meal). 
I couldn't remember the price of the food but it's ranged between 70-100 shekels per dish (25-35 SGD for dish) excluding the service charge which is another 15% of the total bill.

Daddy was having fun with Aedan. Aedan was super good mood at the restaurant. Maybe he was glad that he  could finally come out of the carrier. :p

Ended the day with a family photo at Jaffa Gate.

Bye bye~~

All photos are credited to Twentysixoctober


  1. Jerusalem is such a fascinating city - I hadn't realised that you couldn't go to Yad Vashem with a baby although I certainly wouldn't fancy explaining it to my four-year-old. Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

    1. Thanks for dropping by Mummy Travels! :)

  2. Aedan is SO CUTE! It's so true that you have to be flexible when traveling with a baby or kid(s). But it's still so worth it! :)

    1. Thanks!! Yes! Traveling with baby is tiring but all so worth it! :)

  3. Ah.. So your baby has reached the stage of snatching phones. It'll get worse.. hahaha..

    They don't allow babies into the museum?? That's such a bummer!! I think I would have taken turns with the husband to go in, if I were to go all the way to Jerusalem and be turned away by no-kids policies. But then again, not sure how safe it is to wait outside with a baby and without the husband so... maybe not.

    Is food in Jersualem generally expensive? I was thinking the pasta looks fab, but the price tag SGD25-35 excluding service charge seems exorbitant, even by Singapore standards.


    1. Hi Bumble Bee Mum 👋🏻
      I have read that it will get worse during terrible two and three!! Kudos that u have been thru these for ur 2 boys!
      Ya.. It was sad that they don't allow babies. We reached Jerusalem at noon time and we were running out of time (too many places to visit) so we thought it will take up too much time if we took turns to visit. It's pretty safe in Jerusalem. It's not as bad as how the news depict. The locals are nice people. Those terrorist attack we read on news does happen but it's not freq and really unpredictable. It depends on "heng" "suay".
      In general, Israel has high cost of living. It's expensive to dine out everywhere in Israel. Most of the time, we eat home cooked food. Good place to train culinary skills. :)

  4. Great to see your Jerusalem trip. It is a place to I would like to go one day and really enjoyed seeing your photos of the historical sights. You did so well seeing so much with your little one even though you were rejected from the Yad Vasham - I've never heard of a museum that didn't allow kids...but I guess the content would be very unsettling...I wonder from what age you are allowed to go? #citytripping

    1. Hi Wander Mum!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) Babies and children under the age of 10 are not allowed to visit.
      I enjoyed my trip to Jerusalem. There are so much to see in Jerusalem. I highly recommend u to visit!

  5. There is so much history in Jerusalem, and so much to see, that I think you're right about taking a week to see it all! Being history geeks ourselves, we'd probably want two weeks. Fascinating city - thanks for sharing your visit!

    1. Hi Rob Rob,
      Yes, there are too much to see in Jerusalem! Will plan another visit to cover the other part of the old city. :)

  6. So on my bucket list!

  7. What a busy day! It sounds like the baby carrier was the best mode of transport for baby. I visited Jerusalem when I was a teenager. Your photos brought back a lot of memories #citytripping

  8. You only make me wanna go even more to Israel!!
    Oh my, why aren't babies allowed in the museum? How weird!! I've never seen something like this before :/
    Next time I hope you get to visit it!!
    The food in Israel look amazing! Hopefully next year I will finally visit it :D

    Happy to have you on #MondayEscapes ;)


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