Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Racial Harmony 2016 Singapore!

Yesterday was racial harmony day in Singapore. 

Singapore is a country where there are many races (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian) living on a tiny island. There are many differences among the different races like skin colours, cultures, languages, religions, etc. But we are able to live in close proximity and celebrate our diversity. 
Many people travel across land and sea to see and understand other cultures. In Singapore, we can do that by just talking to our neighbours. 

When I was living in Singapore, I never appreciate this racial harmony day. It's like just another day (except when I was in Primary and Secondary school where students were asked to dress in traditional costumes to celebrate the event). But i never really care much about this day. 

Now living outside of Singapore, I feel really thankful to be born a Singaporean. 
Feel proud that we are able to embrace our differences and live in harmony. 
Feel lucky that we live in peace. 
This peace should never be taken for granted. 

Let's celebrate racial harmony everyday, educate and remind our younger generation that they are born lucky and they should never take racial harmony for granted.
#racialharmony #Singapore 

- Mommy eve

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