Monday, June 27, 2016

Mommy diary: Aedan against Roseola

It has been sometime since my last post on our day trip to Tel Aviv. Many things had happened over the past weeks. Both "Good" and "Bad". 

From the title of this post, the bad news - Aedan was down with fever and rashes. It had been a tough week. He was soooo uncomfortable that he couldn't sleep well at night and he woke up frequently for nursing and comfort. He was uncomfortable through the day too and we had to carry him almost all the time. Just when his fever subsided, he developed rashes all over his body. Luckily, it did not itch. 
We went to see the doctor twice and he was diagnosed with Roseola which is a viral illness that commonly infect children between 6 months to 3 years old. The symptoms include sudden high fever which typically lasts for 3 -7 days and rashes right after the fever. The only good thing about getting this virus is that he'll most probably develop a lifelong immunity to it. #tryingtobepositive
Roseola is a self-recovered illness and there is nothing much we could do except to wait for Aedan's immune system to fight the virus. “加油加油”
The only thing we could do was to reduce his discomfort by nursing him and carrying him.. 

Our hearts ached so much when we watched him suffer as he fought the illness. This was the FIRST time he had fever. He did not develop fever from all his previous vaccinations. I never knew that handling a baby with fever could be so hard both mentally and physically. 
Kudos to all parents who had dealed with it!

We brought Aedan to a hair cut during his rash episode... cause we were worried that his hair (which had touched his eyes) will irritate his rashes. So Aedan has a new look!

He still has a little rash on him when I took this photo. 

Okay.. now it's the good news .. Twentysixoctober is planning for a month visit back to Singapore in Sept during Daddy's school break! 
What's better?! 
Before flying to Singapore, we will be visiting Greece and Italy and will document the whole travel journey. I'm so looking forward to this trip! Will share more about our travel planning and other stuff in another post. 

That is it for today. 

Mommy eve


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