Monday, June 6, 2016

Travel with baby. Alma Beach. Old Jaffa City. Manta Ray


Here's another blogpost on one of our day tours in Israel!! 

One of the MUST do things when you visit Israel is to go to their beaches to enjoy the sun, sea breeze, salty air and of course look out for the hot babes and hunks on the beaches! 

Remember some time ago, I posted a blog post on our celebration of Purim (a festival in Israel) at Holon city?

On the very same day, after the Purim Parade, 
we went to Alma beach at Tel Aviv! 

We didn't bring our swim wears as we were not planning to bring Aedan for a swim when the temperature was still pretty cold at that time. So we just strolled along the beach and enjoyed the breeze.

We had a very late lunch cum dinner at this restaurant named Manta Ray located along the beach. 

The guy in the red shirt is the owner of the restaurant. He was really helpful and friendly. He helped us to get a seat with good view and we learnt from him how he was an engineer before becoming this restaurant's owner. 

We didn't know the owner before we arrived but had decided to dine at Manta Ray as it is situated at a strategic location along the beach. And we heard good review of it.

"If you come to a beach but do not wish to get sandy and wet, the best thing to do is to hang out at a nearby bar or restaurant... enjoy some cold beer, seafood, breeze, sunlight and check out people on the beach."

And that's exactly what we did! Except mommy couldn't have beer while breastfeeding so I had cold water instead... Still it felt awesome. :)
The view from our seat! :)

Wefie time! But Aedan was not very cooperative and refused to look into the camera. 

Another failed attempt where his face was blocked by the crab! Lol

A mandatory Aedan selfie so that we can show this to him next time when he grows up as proof that he has been to this place since he will most probably not remember. 

We ordered their Sharing Seafood which comes with mussels, shrimps and crabs, sweet potatoes, pineapples. This sharing platter costs 175 shekels (S$61.25).

We also ordered their Balkan bread that costs 19 shekels (S$6.65).

The food turned out better than expected as we didn't set high expectations since we were there not for the food but for the view. The seafood was fresh and the serving was so big that we couldn't finish it.  Later we checked on Trip Advisor and realized that it's ranked #18 of 1147 restaurant in Tel Aviv. If you are not sure what to eat when u visit Tel Aviv, this place is worth a try for both the food and view.  

After our meal, we visited the Old Jaffa which is just walking distance from Alma beach.

Me with my ever increasing load. The best thing about baby wearing during our trip was that we could travel freely (uphill/downhill) while he slept in it. 
#Baby travelling tip: To reached Old Jaffa, you need to climb uphill so if you are bringing your baby along, I'll advise you to bring your carrier and leave the stroller in your car. 

We took a few pictures of Aedan at old Jaffa. Enjoy his cute photos :)

To the Old Jaffa sea port 

Aedan with the red St Peter church 

A good view of the beach and Tel Aviv 

and ended the day with ice cream at Anita! 

I love recording these travel memories. It felt like I have revisited the place. 

If you are interested to visit Manta Ray at Alma beach
Here's the address:
7 Koifman St, Tel Aviv 63305, Israel 

You can find your way in Israel via Waze App (if you drive) or Moovit App (if you are taking public transport). 
It takes only about half a day to cover these places. :)

"Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly" 
Enjoy traveling! 

All photos are credited to Twentysixoctober
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  1. Sounds like such a fun day! I would love to make it to Tel Aviv one day. I have friends going sometime next year. I will share your blog with them :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! There are many more fun places in Israel..
      I have been to a few but have not find time to blog it down. Let me know if you are coming to Israel! :)

  2. Great post, looks like a lot of fun, and what delicious food! We were in Tel Aviv a few years ago, would love to go back some day!

    1. Hi Christie, thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

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