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Mommy Diary 2: Total costs of delivery at Mount AlverniaHospital &Aedan's 1st Month!

It has been Sooo long since my last post. Most of my time has been devoted to taking care of Aedan. 

Aedan is currently in his 8th week. 

I'm a full time milk feeder now as I'm breastfeeding exclusively & fully on direct latch. I was initially quite worried about Aedan not feeding enough as I'm not able to gauge his intake. Moreover, his reflux is making him split/vomit after every feeds. However, during his last doctor visit on his 5th week, doctor measured his weight & commented that his weight is on the 97th percentile! 'Solid baby'
I have also celebrated his one month (sharing photos!) & brought him out more often. 

Today, I will be sharing with you the total costs of the delivery. During my pregnancy, I tried to find out more about what are the possible total hospital costs and have been reading many others' blogs. However, very few blogged about the costs or show their hospital bills so I don't really have a good sense of the bill costs. My total hospital bill turn out to costs $10k. I'm sharing my hospital bill here. 

I had an assisted delivery with epidural.

Mommy' hospital plus doctors' charges 

Baby's hospital plus doctor's charges

The maternity package plus mommy single bedded ward & baby nursery for 2 days added up to be equivalent to $3390 ($1166 + $1594 + $200 + $430) which is the price b4 GST of maternity package for St Michael ward. St Michael ward is newly opened in Aug so the package price is slightly higher than the normal single bedded room. 
My husband has stayed over with me through out so there's companion charges. 

There are also doctors' procedure/ operation fees from the Gynae & anesthesiologist. Moreover, there's gynae attendance fees for doctor's visits during delivery plus my 2 days stay (frankly, Gynae only came for less than 5 mins per session to check on the stitches during the 2 days & charges $200 plus per session). There are also attendance fees from PD for baby routine check up. I have opt for metabolic test which cost additional $100++.
In my previous blog post on my delivery experience, I mentioned that I was put on glucose drip from the very beginning. Moreover, due to drop in fetal heartbeat, I had used oxygen masks during the final pushing. 
Hence, there are additional costs on the use of equipment, medications & oxygen masks. 
After the delivery, the nurses have given me 3 types of pain killers which are charged under pharmacy. 

I was shock when I saw the final bill added up to $10K. After medisave deduction of about $2.7K, the cash portion is about $7K++. Although the whole delivery costs more than expected, on the bright side, it's worth it since my baby is safely delivered into this world. :)

I'm overall glad with the service and whole experience which I was given a lot of care from the doctor and nurses. I will still choose to deliver at Mount Alvernia given a choice again. 

Hope this article will be useful for those delivering soon and wish to have a rough gauge of the bill. 

Lastly I'm going to spam my baby shower photos. ^_^

We had a simple baby shower at our clubhouse and done up the decoration all by ourselves. Had received lots of blessing from friends and family on the day. 

The baby banner is made by me. ✌️

My hubby and I made this standing ballon column 😊

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  1. What a great post! Congratulations on your first month with Aedan. My wife is always telling me her daily struggles along with her upsides to being a mom. I think it is amazing that women have a natural nurturing aspect. More so than us dads. I really hope by my second kid, I can learn enough from the first to be able to understand what my wife goes through when I'm at work everyday.

    Jason Hayes @ DECORM

    1. Thanks! Your wife will definitely be very happy If she sees this.
      I will say it's not easy to be a mom. However, this job will be happier and more enjoyable with support from daddy.
      Wish that u & ur wife will do it better when u have ur 2nd baby.

    2. Hi Evelyn,
      I find your posting about hospital bills and charges to be very useful. I hope more mommies would do the same. Just wondering, did you sign up package for the actual delivery? I'm trying to understand why people are all talking about signing the delivery package, but the final eventual bill always almost double. Likewise the estimate costs displayed on MOH website.

    3. I have not signed up to package prior delivery. My Gynae does not offer package deal for consultation plus delivery. It's only for consultation. I have opt for the maternity package in hospital but that's quite standard. Once admitted, we can choose the types of maternity ward and it comes as a package including the delivery suite. I think the estimated costs displayed on MOH website is based on government hospital? I guess every pregnancy is different and you cannot predict the types of medication and equipment mommy will use. :)

  2. Hi evelyn,
    Your post certainly helps alot in answering my doubts. My wife is pregnant and I'm wonder about the bill size too. May I know when do u pay for the remaining outstanding fees after delivery?

  3. Hi Melvin, congrats!
    You will have to settle the outstanding upon discharge. :)


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