Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mommy Diary 1: Aedan has arrived on 6th Aug! My delivery experience at Mount Alvernia Hospital

Hi all,

It has been awhile since my last post.
This is because Aedan has arrived on 6 Aug & since then, I have been busy with baby stuff. 

I'm currently breast feeding & the schedule is every 2-3 hr. Since his arrival I have not slept for more than 2 hr per sleep cycle.   

On top of the near sleepless nights, a few days ago, we had to admit Aedan into A&E at Mount Alvernia as his Jaundice level peaked (bilirubin level at 22.8mg). He had to receive phototherapy treatment  (triple light!!) to bring the level down to 8.4mg. 

All in all, I have to say that motherhood has been a sleepless one. I'm writing this post on my one free hand while breastfeeding him.

Today, I'm going to blog about my delivery experience at Mount Alvernia Hospital while I can still remember. 

On 6 Aug 15,
At 0030, while I was lying on my bed preparing to sleep, I felt an uncontrollable leakage of water from my bottom. So I immediately stood up & gush of water just flow out. I knew my water bag had broken. I rushed to toilet to clean up & took a quick bath while my hubby called the doctor. We were advised by the doctor to admit immediately to prevent infections. So we grabbed my maternity bag, checked against the packing list & walked to Mount Alvernia Hospital (the benefit of living near hospital).

0130: we reached Mount A & was brought to the delivery ward to change. The nurse came to check my dilation & also the color of the aminotic fluid while my hubby went to register my stay. The nurse saw blood in the aminotic fluid & suspected that my placenta may have separated. In case that there's a need for emergency C-sec, the doctor advised to put me on glucose drip & no food intake.  They had to inject antibiotics and also put me on ECG to monitor baby's heartbeat & my contraction. 

0830: the doctor arrived & checked my dilation. It's only 2-3cm dilated. She then used her finger to increase the dilation. She also advised that I should be administered medicine to level up my contraction in order to increase the dilation. Since the medicine will make the contraction harder & more painful, I requested for epidural. 

1330: my lower body was totally numb after the epidural & I couldn't feel my leg & vagina except a very mild contraction around my abdominal. Doctor came to check on my dilation again & it was only 3-4cm after 5 Hrs!! The injection of medicine that's supposed to help increase dilation had no effect at all. Though from the ECG chart, I did see that the frequency of contractions had increased. The doctor said she will check again at 1730 & if there's no more dilation, she will proceed with C-sec. In my mind, I was thinking & communicating with my baby "faster dilate, faster come down". 

1430: miracle happened. When nurses came to check my dilation, it's 8cm!! Yes! In an hour it dilated from 4cm to 8cm! I was so happy. 2cm more & I could start pushing. The nurses started to prepare for delivery. 

1630: the mid wife came in and taught me how to push. When the contraction arrived, I have to hold my breath for 10 counts & use all my energy to push. I just kept repeated this for about an hour. 

1730: my doctor arrived and together we tried a few more pushes. The baby's crown was near the exit but my push was just not strong enough to push his head out. During the pushing, baby's heartbeat dipped a few times and I had to use an oxygen mask to regularise his heartbeat. In the end, doctor suggested to use a vacuum pump to direct his head out. So for the one final push, I used all my energy with 2 midwives pushing my belly downwards, baby finally made his arrival with a loud cry! I requested for skin to skin contact immediately & they put him on my body while doctor stitched my wound. 

After 17 hrs of labour, we were transferred to the maternity ward. We managed to get the stay at the new single room at St Michael's ward :)

The ward was new and well equipped. The nurses were also very fast in attending to our needs. There's only one thing to improve which was the room ventilation. The air con was directed from the end of the room & it's not very well circulated. There were times when I felt a little hot when I'm on my bed while my hubby who slept under the air con draft felt super cold. 

I will say my overall experience with Mount A was positive. The nurses were experienced and they came into the delivery ward to check on my status frequently and guided me through the delivery. The room was very clean and new since it's only opened in 1st Aug so I got to enjoy the new facilities in the room! The confinement food was very tasty too. The nurses also took good care of my baby and encouraged me to breastfeed. They were very proactive in providing guidance during my breastfeeding session. I'll want to go back Mount A if I've 2nd baby. 

Lastly, I have to say my life is never the same after the arrival of my love, Aedan.
Though motherhood is tough & tiring, it's very fulfilling. My perspective of life has changed & I have definitely become tougher & stronger too.

"Aedan, Mommy will love you forever."

Cheers to all mothers,

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  1. I followed your blog several months and finally choose the same doctor Ms goh. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! I have recently blogged about my hospital bill. Hope it will be useful for u. 😊

  2. Hihi i chanced upon ur blog as was looking for delivery experience at mount a.

    I'm going to deliver soon and is terrified of the pain... how did u endure all these.. i'm so worried now.

    1. You can do it! Don't worry too much & just put your trust on the nurses & doctor.
      I used epidural so there's no pain through the delivery! I'll suggest that u ask for epidural too.
      Sometimes it's better to not think too much & let nature take its course.
      Wish u a smooth delivery. :)

  3. Hi Evelyn,

    I saw your birth story while searching as I'm going for induction soon.

    Can I check with you, will we be given medications to clear our bowels upon admission for delivery? If yes, would it be a complicated procedure as I'm worried it will be painful. Thank you so much :)


    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for dropping by my blog.
      I was not given any medication to clear my bowel. But my nurse restricted me from all food intake upon admission. My labour is about 17 hrs in total so maybe that's why I was not given any medicine to clear bowel.
      However, I have from others that it's not painful.. Just eat the medicine and you will feel like going to toilet.

      But if you are afraid of pain.. U may consider epidural cos induced labour is usually much more painful.
      Good luck to you. Have a smooth labour! ❤️

    2. Hi Evelyn,
      Thank you for clearing my doubts. Glad to hear that it is not painful. Ya I think I will need epidural to ease the pain. Thanks for the well wishes :)


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