Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Food Review: Krazy Salad Bar Promotion

Hi All, 

I have recently started my maternity leave to wait for the arrival of my little bundle of joy! 
I feel more relaxed now! 
Without the need to worry about work, I can now pamper myself and do what I want before the start of my motherhood.

As I am not sure when he will arrive, I'm treasuring my every single day of freedom. 
On the first day of my maternity leave I have accomplished a number of items on my to-do-list. Done my pedicure, eyelash curling and shopping for body binder.
While I am strolling around, I happened to chance upon a crazy salad buffet promotion! 
A good way to start my maternity leave, taking my time to enjoy buffet. 
The usual price of the salad buffet bar is S$17.90 and now it costs only S$8.90 for limited period only! According to the staff they are having this opening promotion for a limited period. I am not sure it will be until when. 

During my typical work day at Raffles Place, one of my favourite food for lunch is salad. I have salad almost every week. But it usually costs me S$8 - 12 for a bowl of vegetables.  
Now with similar price, I can have unlimited round of salads, pastas, soup, fruits, chips, noodles, drink and even ice cream! Sound great right. This is not a paid advertorial. I am sharing this great deal as I always believe good things should be shared. 

 I will have to say the spread of the buffet is awesome. You can check from photos below. 

We can make our own salad bowl with our favorite vegetables, meat and dressings!

There are 3 choices of soups: Mushroom, Clam Chowder and Mixed Vegetables

The choice of fruits are not a lot. But it's good enough for the amount we are paying

They even have pasta and noodle 

Some topping for soup and pasta

Chili Con Carne

They have ice cream! Perfect way to end the meal with  ice cream especially when the weather in SG is so hot!

I am surprised that they have free flow of drinks too. Most low price buffets will not include drinks so that they can earn from us when we get thirsty after a heavy meal

Here's photos of what I had on the day. :)

I hope this promotion will not end soon so that I can enjoy a few more rounds of this great deal before I deliver.

The Krazy Salad is conveniently located at:

Block 190, Toa Payoh, Lorong 6
#02-512, Singapore 310190
(around Toa Payoh Central)

Happy Sharing, 


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