Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Pregnancy Diary 7: False Contractions, Checklist for Maternity Bag & Maternity Photo Shoot

Hi All,

I'm in my 36th week today!
According to the doctor it's safe for me to deliver anytime after today! 

Sharing photos of Aedan at his 35th week. 
His eyes look big in the photo here ;)

Many things happened in the past few weeks!

On the night of 3rd July 15, I experienced mild contractions from 3 am till morning. I wasn't sure if it was true labor contractions or Braxton Hicks. Through the night, I had difficulty sleeping. However, since it was not very painful, I decided to wait till morning before visiting my gynae. 
I called the clinic when they were opened and explained the situation to the staff. She said I may visit the gynae but have to wait for my turn since there were other patients on that day. The funny thing was that my contractions stopped when I was preparing to visit the clinic. 
But since I had already informed my boss that I'm taking urgent leave, I decided to visit my gynae to understand the cause of the contractions. When I arrived at the clinic, she put me on CTG monitoring for about 15 mins and then I was asked to wait for my turn. 
When it was finally my turn, the doctor said that the CTG result showed that I had started my contractions! However, I was only in my 35th week and it was considered premature for delivery. She inserted her finger into my vagina to check whether my cervix had opened. Luckily, it was not so she prescribed medication to relax my uterus and asked me to be take them when contractions happened again before my baby turns 36 weeks. 
Anytime after the 36th week, if consistent contractions happened again, the baby will be safe for delivery. 

Although it was a false alarm, this incident kind of served as a wake up call for me to settle the things required before his arrival. 
One of my to-do list was to cut my hair short so that it would be easier to maintain. On that very day, I went to a random salon in Novena and just "chopped" off my hair. I was so scared that it would turn out to be a disaster and in my mind, I had already planned to purchase a wig if it turns out too ugly. 
Fortunately, I kind of like my new look and now it's so much easier when it comes to washing and drying my hair. 

So here's my new look.

My EDD is on 8th Aug so many people said I should communicate with little Aedan and ask him to arrive on 9 Aug to be a National Day baby so that he can enjoy free goodies! 
I think I shall take things as it comes since I am opting for natural birth, I cannot really control when he wanna come out. 

Since Aedan may arrive anytime from now, I have started to pack my Maternity Bag. It's advised to start packing maternity bag 4 weeks before EDD. 

So what are the things to be packed for the big day?

I have prepared my own checklist. It's not in any order but I think it is useful in making sure that all the essentials are included in my maternity bag.

Items to brings
Doctor's Admission Letter

Previous Medical Health Reports 

Prepare a list of medications which you are currently taking 

Pyjamas with front opening to facilitate breastfeeding

Non-slip slippers

Personal Toiletries

Original marriage certificate for registration of baby's birth certificate

Sweater as delivery suite may be cold

2 pair of mittens for baby

A set of baby clothing to be worn during discharge

Baby wrapper or blanket

Pre-natal consultation receipts for claiming of S$450 from medisave

Chicken essence to provide energy during delivery

Download some movies to be watched while waiting for delivery or bring anything that can help you to relax

Disposable underwear

Snacks (biscuits) for hubby while waiting for delivery

Camera/ video camera to capture the memorable moment

Chargers for handphones

Contact lens solution and container if you wear contact lens


Socks as feet can get cold during labour

Nursing bra

Breast pad

Nipple Cream. To be applied immediately after you started breast feeding to avoid cracks

Bio-Oil or lotion if you will like to apply massage during labour. Or to be used after labour to prevent stretch marks

Baby wipes

Extra plastic bag to put the used clothes

Body Binder

Maternity Pad as there will be bleeding after giving birth

A set of changing clothes for hubby if he is staying overnight

Before I end my post, I'm also going to share photos taken during my maternity shoot. 
I have always found that maternity shoots are something good to have but not a necessity.
Since it has become so popular for parents-to-be to take maternity shoot, the price of this service has been increasing.. 
In order to avoid this unnecessary costs and yet keep photos memory of my baby belly, we have decided to do it ourselves. And glad to say the result turns out well! 

Photos are credited to my hubby and myself :)

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Bye ~~~

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