Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Anniversary!


It has been a year since we signed on the dotted line to be legally bound to each other.

For the past 6 years before our marriage, my husband and I were almost glued to each other and have never been apart for more than a month.

This time round, we have been separated for more than 3 months.
During this period, I have reflected on our marriage. Maybe the fact that we have been always together made marriage the natural next step in life. We have been through disputes, taken steps back to accommodate and finally find a balance in our relationship. Hence, marriage has seemed to be an inevitable next step.

However, during the recent 3 months, when my husband went overseas to work, it makes me understand and discover many things and to reflect once again on our relationship.
When two become one, what is it about?
Is it about losing part of ourselves to take in another one?
Without him, many decisions in life will be made differently. A simple thing like how I will spend my weekend is  a lot different with and without him.
Why should we get married?
After much reflection, I have listed the following.

1. Lifetime Companion

We as human beings have the desire to find companionship be it friends, family or partner. It’s a natural instinct that we do not like being alone and yearn to have a sense of belonging in a group.
Moreover, it is true that opposite genders have natural attraction to each other, though most of the time, it’s physical. The union of a man and woman is almost purely a human desire to feel complete.
Of course, not all people will find their half. Especially in current society where people are more independent and woman being less dependent. For such cases, we seek alternatives or find comfort from friends and family.
So it seems like there’s no need to be married if there’re other sources of companionship.
But ideally, marriage is a desired source since friends and family may not be able to be with you all the time.

2. Procreation and Building of Family

I personally think that it’s almost a MUST for all married couple to try to have babies. This may be one of the ultimate goals in marriage. Without the needs to procreate and to provide children with a complete normal family, it may not even be necessary to be married.

3. Emotion and Financial Support

We seek emotion and financial support through companionship. In difficult times, we all seek support. A husband and wife structure, in my opinion, is the best source of constant support. I guessed that’s why before we sign on the paper, we have to swear to love and care for each other through sickness and difficult times.

Human beings have strong adaptability since we have evolved through centuries to become the most intelligent animal on planet.  Husband and wife relationship may seem to be less important as people adapt and forge alternative relationships for support. 
However, I do believe marriage can help two people who complement each other to become better. 

Marriage is not to consume individuality. 
Without each other, we should still be able to stand on our own with our own source of support and social circle. I am glad that my husband has gone overseas during this period; it makes me understand the importance of my other parts of life such as friends and career. Friends for emotional support and career to be financially sound.

I used to think that when two persons get married, they should be glued to each other.  This is not true.
When two persons get married, it supposed to be more than one. We should be able to love and develop ourselves more and provide freedom to each other.  Of course, to love each other more each day.

Happy Anniversary, my dearest half.

You have made me complete and provide me with the security to be the best of me.
I love you.

Our 7 Years Journey..................

Married you and be with you....

Travel the world with you.....




Hong Kong


Those were the days...
During university time.
Thanks for following me and being by my side even when I pushed you away

Celebrations of the date when you are born. 

Black and White Romance.
I never thought we will really be married when we took this set of photos for my friend project

Thanks for being in this journey with me and
let's write more stories.
Forever and ever after

With Love,

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