Sunday, September 21, 2014

Introducing Studio Sands!

Want to get fit? 
Want to feel sexy?

Being a woman, I always believe that it's important for us to keep fit and to feel good about ourselves.


Wish for a good and fun way to do it.

How about Pole Dancing? 

In the past, people often associate pole dancing with night life and sleazy activities. 

However, in our society today, more and more people has accepted pole dancing as a healthy and interesting activity to train our fitness and body control.
Pole dancing has evolved to become a popular sport for women from all age groups.

To learn pole dancing, I'll like to introduce you Studio Sands!

A new pole dance studio conveniently located near Outram MRT. 

23A Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169 349
(Outram MRT exit G)

Check out the website for direction:

A cozy and romantic studio with one-way window which allows you to have a good view while maintaining privacy

If you are not sure of what type of outfits to wear, Studio Sands has pole dancing outfit for sales

With Instructor Sandra

Studio Sands is a new pole dance studio opened by my beloved friend. 
To show my support, I have signed up for her Kpop classes.  

Prior to joining Studio Sands, I have no pole dancing experience (except for one time during my hen's party organized by my girlfriends). 
I had this perception that my arms are weak and I can't imagine myself supporting my whole body weight on a pole. 

After attending the 1st lesson, I realized that my worries were unnecessary.  
I've learnt a few moves from her class and discovered that pole dancing is not just about strength, it's also about having the momentum and skills. 

After one lesson, I am surprised that I can actually do it! 

Besides learning to look sexy, pole dancing also gives women CONFIDENT when we attained the strength to control our body.
So let's join Studio Sands. 
Don't worry if you have no experience, because every women have the ability to control our body and to look sexy. 

Check out for the classes now: 

Studio Sands is having an opening promotion!

You may sign up with your friend to enjoy S$20 discount off your bill. 

Click on to the following link to book a course NOW!


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