Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Pregnancy Diary 1 - Pregnancy Test and Symptoms

Hi all,

Yes, I am finally going to blog about my pregnancy. It has been so long since I last blogged as I'm not feeling well with all the pregnancy symptoms.

I am currently at my 20th week (half way through my pregnancy), 2nd trimester, which I'm feeling much much better as compared to 1st trimester.

Not sure whether it’s a baby boy or girl yet.
But I'm really excited to find out in the next Gynae visit!

Ever since I revealed my little bundle of joy to my friends and colleagues,  many people asked me how I discovered that I'm pregnant.

Hmmm.. there were actually many symptoms before I decided to take a pregnancy test.

  1. Decreased level of fitness and extreme fatigued. Before I discovered that I'm pregnant,  I was actively attending gym and pole dance classes. Last year, during one of my pole dancing classes (before I knew I'm pregnant),  I suddenly couldn’t perform the pole stunt which I have previously mastered. I even have difficulty climbing up the pole. For that lesson, I can only stood at the side and watched my classmates. :(
  2. Feeling nauseous throughout the day. This is one symptom which made me really suspicious.  
  3. Enhanced sense of smell. My sense of smell was heightened during 1st trimester of my pregnancy, it's so heigthened that I can smell many things that others can't. And I was easily irritated when I passed by hawker centres. I hated the oily cooking smell and any unpleasant smell. 
  4. Acne breakout. My face has many pimples popping out which make my face looks really red and sensitive. And it's really sad to see my face become like this :( Due to pregnancy, I cannot seek any acnes medication even external applications as they are generally harmful and poisonous to fetus. Luckily, my acnes condition got better in my 2nd trimester.

All the above symptoms made me really suspicious. Frankly, after I experience these symptoms, I was 80% sure that I'm pregnant. I have told my hubby about my experience but he is skeptical. Haha so to be sure we bought a pregnancy test kit on 11 Dec 15 to test it.

I remember that on the day after our dinner. I was so tired & fall asleep after bathe. I woke up at 11am and realized that I have not taken the test.  My hubby was asleep at that time. I went to the toilet and took the test.

I followed the instructions, peed on the stick and waited for 1 min.
Nothing showed after 5 mins.
Then I thought maybe there’s not enough urine. So I peed again and waited.
I felt that time passed very slowly while I was waiting. Finally, something showed. It’s a plus sign! I looked at the instruction again and realized that it means Positive! I'm Pregnant!!

I was delighted! I took the test kit and woke up my hubby to reveal the truth. He was pulled out from his sleep and I remembered how shocked he was that this is really happening!
11 Dec 2015 marks the day where we realized that a new living being is entering into our life.

Thanks God for giving us this beautiful experience.
With Love, 

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