Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monday Date @ Mediterranean Thai @ Chuan Park

Yes, it's time for another Monday date review. My hubby and I are trying to maintain our biweekly Monday dates.

Last Monday, I remember it was drizzling.
After work, we went to this restaurant which was recommended my our friends.
The restaurant is located within Chuan Park Condominium and they are opened for non-residents to enter just to patronize the restaurant. The establishment has a variety of cuisines including Thai and Mediterranean.

We only ordered the Thai food that day (got to watch our diet) but their Mediterranean Pizza is another must try!!

The interior of the restaurant is plain and unassuming.

The fact that it's hidden within a condo estate - plus the fact that it was pretty late when we reach there (about 8 plus) - the restaurant is pretty empty.

We tried their clear Tom Yam Soup, stir fried Tom Yam Sotong with Tom Yam Paste and Thai Chendol.

Their Tom Yam is really shiok and spicy! Especially the clear Tom Yam Soup.
So if you are not a someone who can stomach the heat, I don't recommend you to order these.
But if u are a real spicy foodie, then go for it!  Definitely a must try!

Clear Tom Yam Soup

Clear Tom Yam Soup

Stir fried Sotong with Tom Yam Paste

Stir fried Sotong with Tom Yam Paste

Thai Chendol

Thai Chendol

While we totally enjoyed the mains, the dessert was a little disappointing. The Thai Chendol is really sweet and very similar to our normal Chendol, nothing fanciful about it. Moreover, they served it with ice cubes instead of ice shavings so getting rid of the cubes from every mouth can be troublesome.

If you are interested to try. The restaurant is inside Chuan Park Condominium which is walking distance from Lorong Chuan MRT
Very convenient for non-drivers and people who want to avoid the dinner crowds. 

With love,

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