Monday, June 19, 2017

Toddler's activity: The Making of Father's Day card

As you can see from the title, this post is about the making of Daddy's Father's Day card! 

With the help from Daddy, motherhood has been endurable  enjoyable. My SAHM life has been less "้ป„่„ธๅฉ†-like" as Daddy has been helping me in daily house chores. Moroever, ever since I complained about having no time for myself, he tried to bring Aedan out on weekends to allow me to have some "me-time".
So to reward his contributions and to celebrate Father's Day, I had been thinking hard what present should I give him. Had planned to give him an iPhone cover with our family picture on it. I bought online weeks ago but sadly, it was discovered by Daddy before Father's Day :( Didn't hide it well. 
Couple iPhone covers.

It's really hard to buy things for Daddy because he's VERY particular about the things he wants.. he will only buy clothes which he really really likes ... we can walk in and out of shops multiple times and it can take up to weeks or even months for him to find something he likes. I do not dare to any how buy things for him so I thought it will be good to make something for him with the help from Aedan. 

This was our FIRST handmade project for Daddy!

Today, I'm sharing with you our mini project and this can be an activity for caregivers and toddlers too. We spent hours making it and clearing the mess and I realized this activity is a pretty good way to kill time with the toddler. 

1. I found brown wrapping paper which was the left over from my last present wrap. I used it as the base for the card. 
And I used a crayon to write the word "Happy Father's Day" on it. 

2. We found many used papers which Aedan and I torn them into pieces. 
๐ŸŒŸBelieve or not, tearing papers have been proven to be a good way for toddlers to work on their small muscles in hands. 

3. Then I applied glue onto the "Happy Father's Day" wording and let Aedan placed the scrap papers onto it!


4. And Tada!! It's done! Super easy right. So easy that a 22 Months toddler could do. And I personally think it's quite artistic ๐Ÿ˜‚

5. Posing with our handmade card time! 
I took like a zillion photos to get a few good shoots. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ 


6. After it's all done, I passed Aedan a plastic bag and asked him to put all the remaining paper into the bag. He was happy picking up the paper with me. Another simple activity for him. 

Daddy was touched when he saw the first handmade card from Aedan. And the cost of making the gift - $0.00. They were all used materials. 
There's one special ingredient in it - lots of love from Aedan and Mommy (hehe ☺️).

Besides the handmade card, we celebrated Father's Day by having our dinner outside. 
In Singapore we used to dine out almost everyday. But now living in Israel, we cook almost every meals and only dine out on special occasions. 
Had a mega dessert called "Eiffel Tower" which was a plate of sinfully sweet heaven. The plate was filled with cakes, brownies, biscuits, macrons, cream puffs, ice cream and top with lots and lots of whipped cream. It's my happy dessert. It felt like we're celebrating Mother's Day! ๐Ÿ˜Š

After our dinner, Aedan refused to go back to his stroller and demanded Daddy to carry him... After a while, Daddy put him down and we tried to get him to walk instead. We held his hands and surprising he never refused. It's the first time that we walked hand in hand with Aedan between us. Since young, I dreamed of having a family like this. And it felt like my dream has came true. 
This Father's Day was a satisfying one for me... I hope it's the same for Daddy. Though the handmade card is a simple one, I felt happy to have made something for him. 

For those reading this, hope you'll find this simple art and craft a good way to spend time with your toddler. 

"Happiness is engineered/handmade with love"

- Mommy eve 

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