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Singaporean mom living in Israel: Tour Baha'i garden and German Colony. Food review: Douzan

If you have one day in Haifa, I'll recommend you to take a tour at Baha'i Gardens to learn more about the religion before heading down to German Colony to enjoy some good food. 

      Bahai Gardens is made to look symmetrical for beauty. 

Living in Israel, the Holy Land, I learnt about different religions especially the Jews. This day, Twentysixoctober went to Baha'i Gardens, a gorgeous man-made landscape which has rich religious significance, and learnt about a religion call Baha'i.

Baha'i faith is one of the youngest religions in the world founded by Baha'u'llah in Iran in the 19th century.

Baha'i faith believes that there is only one God. All religions have the same spiritual foundation and it accepts that they are all valid and true. They believe that different religions are the result of Man's differing perspective of God. God is too great to be fully comprehended by human minds. And since humans see things differently, they see God differently too.
Hmmmm...this seems to make sense. 

"The differences among the religions of the world are due to the varying types of minds" - Abdu'I-Baha

At the entrance of Baha'i Garden

Daddy & Mommy waiting for the tour to start

Our tour guide told us that this plant is called Mother-in-law. Lol
I am sure it doesn't represent all mother-in-law. Definitely not mine :) 

A mandatory portrait of Aedan at Baha'i Garden to document #babyAadventure with us

Followed by spam of mandatory family photos at Bahai Garden. 

During the tour, the tour guide shared about the creation of the Baha'i Gardens. 

The Baha'i Gardens is established by the members of Baha'i faith as the resting place of their founder and a few respectable followers of Baha'i religion. It consists of 19 terraces which stretch all the way up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. In 2008, it is listed under one of UNESCO's World's Heritage Sites. There are much more to that......

If you are interested in the tour, there is an English tour at 12 noon daily except Wednesday. You can find more about their tour from the official website at: http://www.ganbahai.org.il/en/tours/#currenttimetable

Address: Sderot Hatsiyonut 80, Haifa, 31001

You can use the Waze app to navigate. We use it all the time when travelling in Israel. It's really accurate and useful.
Photo credit to Waze.com


After the tour, we walked down to German Colony for lunch which is located at the bottom of the slope. It's an estimated 15-20 mins walk. Along the way, it's top down view of Haifa residential. It's interesting to walk down and have a view of the surroundings.

Address: HaGefen St 21, Haifa

We walked down this long stretch of steps to German Colony with Aedan inside the carrier on me. Super good workout!

Finally after a good long walk down, we were all ready for a heavy lunch to replenish our energy!!

German Colony is a street with a whole stretch of dinning restaurants, cafe and pubs. 

We had a hard time thinking of what to eat and finally decided on this restaurant called Douzan which is rated #8 of 275 restaurant in Haifa by Trip Advisor
This family run restaurant served a fusion of French and Arabic cuisine.

This is the exterior of the restaurant

They have a very homely decoration. It felt like we had entered someone's house

As usual we ordered our favorite Lehmon Nana

We ordered their mixed seafood that costs 110 shekels (S$38.5). You can choose it to be served with rice or pasta and a choice of sauce of either Mexican sauce or lemon garlic sauce. I highly recommend this. They served a mixed of calamari, prawn, mussels, sweet potatoes, rice/pasta and homemade sauce. We chose their lemon garlic sauce and it tasted super good! Interestingly it doesn't taste like just garlic with lemon, there is a sophisticated taste which I don't know how to describe. Pardon my limited vocabulary. Just try it yourselves if you have the chance. 

We ordered another of their popular dish called Kabab Halabi which is serve on cinnamon stick with roasted vegetables and tahina. This dish costs 75 shekels (S$26.25). It tasted decently good. Not to brag about my own cooking skill but it tasted like my homemade 肉饼. Haha

We ended our day with a cup of coffee and went home to cook dinner. Life of a housewife. 

Have fun travelling,

All photos are credited to Twentysixoctober
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  1. Great photos! The food looks amazing #MondayEscapes

    Kate | http://www.petiteadventures.org/

    1. Thanks for dropping by my little blog. ❤️

  2. Ohh my, the food looks amazing!! I really hope to visit Haifa someday, whenever I finally visit Israel :D
    I will keep in mind your tips, thank you for sharing them on #MondayEscapes

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! ❤️
      Let me know when you visit Israel! :)


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