Friday, April 8, 2016

Singaporean mom living in Israel: Mommy's first birthday inIsrael.Review of Kalamaris at Stella Maris in Haifa

5th April. I celebrated my first birthday with Aedan in Israel!

Mr Tan brought us to Kalamaris, a Mediterranean restaurant located at Stella Maris which is one of the most recommended destinations from trip advisor with more than 4 stars rating.

Many people will visit Stella Maris to tour the Light House and Carmelite Monastery. You can also get a good view of the Mediterranean Sea and Haifa city here. 
It's somewhat similar to Fort canning park in Singapore. 

We made our way to Stella Maris after Aedan's afternoon nap and were glad that we reached just in time to catch the sunset view!

Here comes the photos spam! We took multiple shots just to get a good one with all of us looking into the camera. 

I like this photo where Aedan was sticking out his tongue (he loves to do this recently). 

I have no idea what is this San Francisco observatory about. It looks like one of the attractions so I just took a few photos of it.

The restaurant is located at basement level. 

Following Mr Tan to the restaurant and saw this awesome view.

Yes. This is the place! 

Mr Tan reserved seats for us but when we were there all the window seats were taken. You will be able to enjoy great sea and city views from their window seats. That's one of the highlights of this restaurant. 

Aedan was so happy to be able to join Daddy & Mommy for dinner. "Where's my meal?" (**Bang Bang Bang on the table***).

"Say cheese" & smile to the camera

Mommy & Aedan was thinking what to order.. "Hmm..., all looks good". After much consideration, we still couldn't make a decision and asked their staff for recommendations.

We ordered their salad selection which costs 35 shekels (S$12.25) per person. This free flow salad consists of pita breads with an awesome spread of more than 10 sides! It's indeed a good recommendation! 

We made our own sandwiches with our own choice of sauces and fillings. Super yummy.

We also ordered one main dish, their shrimp and calamari mix, to share. This costs 90 shekels (S$31.50). Remember in the previous post (review of Greg Cafe) that I've mentioned that Jews follow a Khosher diet which exclude shrimps and calamaris so this is a non Khosher restaurant. 

In Israel, service fees are excluded from the bill and it's a norm to tip 10-15% of your total bills. 

Aedan first try on pita bread! Eating like a boss. 

When we finished our meals and were waiting to be served dessert, we requested to change to the available window seats. 

While I was happily taking wefie, their house music suddenly changed from a slow romantic tune to an up beat song and I was wondering what happened. Then there came a plate with sparkles on it and that's when I realised that they were playing their Happy Birthday song in Hebrew. 

Thank you Daddy Tan so much for the surprise.

Happy Mommy,

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  1. Good luck to you in Israel as a young family. We hope you settle in well! #TravelTuesday

    1. Thank you!! :) Have fun traveling. ✈️

  2. Aeden does like to do that tongue-sticking thing huh. How cool, a birthday song in Hebrew. That's so going down memory lane. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Thank you Bumble Bee Mum!! ❤️
      Definitely a memorable birthday. 😊


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