Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Food review: Valentine's High tea at Sheraton Towers

This is a long forgotten & overdue post which was saved and kept as draft since Valentine's.
A review of my Valentine's high tea at Sheraton Towers.

It was literally a very very sweet Valentine because my hubby and I had a sugar overdozed Afternoon Tea.

It costs $68++ per person for their Valentine's afternoon tea (with mini buffet and free flow of moscato wine). 

I thought of leaving when I saw the menu but my hubby insisted we stayed. Since it was Valentine's Day, we should just enjoy the day and don't think too much about the cost.

It's very true that we should pamper ourselves once in a while especially for Mommy who has devoted most time in caring the baby.

So we ordered 2 different sets - the Japanese Afternoon Tea and the English Afternoon Tea - to share and so that we could try both!

I had also requested to change the free flow of Moscato to apple juice as I prefer not to drink alcohol since I'm breastfeeding. Initially, the waitress mentioned that we were not allowed to change our drink. Luckily, their Manager over heard that I'm a breastfeeding mom and made an exception to let me change my free flow moscato to any of the juices.

After we ordered our drinks, we started with the mini buffet.

There were 6 different types of sweet desserts.

Soon, our drinks were served.

Cheers to Valentine's Day! 

The Japanese Afternoon Tea set

The English Afternoon Tea set. 

We felt that we were paying for their ambience and service more than the food. 

The food were "so so", not very fantastic. We can definitely find something similar or tastes even better for a lower price.

The environment was their highlight. Their couches were placed far apart from each other so we got to enjoy our "personal space". We had ample room for us to move around with my baby. I could also nurse my baby in a nursing cover comfortably at the couch.

During our visit, it happened that they had invited a lion dance troupe “舞龙舞狮” so it was really noisy. The experience would have been much better without the disturbance from the troupe.

I will recommend this place to parents with kids. If you feel rich or will like to pamper your family for a special occasion, high tea at a hotel is something you can consider. However, don't expect to have a very satisfying meal but more to enjoy the ambience.


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