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Top 4 Things to do in KOREA!

Hi all,

It has been a busy week.
I realized that there are too much to share for my Korea trip.
SO, I have decided to compile it into a top list (not in order of preference) for the MUST DO things in Korea.

Korea is well known for their facial and beauty products.
It is a MUST to buy your one year supply of masks when travel to Korea.
Not only that their masks are well known for their quality, they are also cheaper.
For example, one mask which I have purchased in Korea for about S$1/mask (minimum to purchase 20 pieces), is selling about S$9/mask in Singapore.
I save S$8 per piece!!
I have purchased a whole luggage of masks for my two years supply.

Walking along Korea streets, you will find that there are numerous facial product shops.
  1. The Face Shop
  2. Etude House 
  3. Nature Republic
  4. Skin Food
  5. The Saem
  6. Tony Moly
  7. Innis free
  8. Banila Co

and too many more....

It is interesting to see that they have so many types of products.
Korea's beauty business has turned into a multi-million dollar industry, evident by the number of shops, products and crowd.

Literally bought a luggage of masks!

So many different brands of masks!

Along Myeongdong Street

Based on experience, products purchased at Myeongdong is slightly more expensive than duty free shop.
I'll advise you to purchase the facial products from duty free department store such as Lotte. It is generally cheaper.

The Odbo

Before travelling to Korea, my friends recommended me to try The Odbo products which are only available in Korea. Since it is recommended, we made the effort to search for the outlet when we traveled to Korea.
They only have one outlet in Seoul and it's not very accessible. It's nearest subway station is Mapo-gu on line 6. From subway exit 3 and we need to walk about 15-25 mins to the outlet (or take a bus).

we followed another blogger's post on the directions to finally reach there.

I have tried The Odbo facial cleanser, masks and the EGCG Ampoule which I really love. Too bad, they are not sold in Singapore.

One of the best activities in Korea is definitely skiing!
If you like adventurous stuff then skiing is your cup of tea. Even if you are not adventurous, I will still recommend you to try skiing for once in a life time experience.
Korea is one of the most value for money skiing places as compared to places like Switzerland.
There are numerous Ski Resorts in Korea and according to CNN the 7 best ski resorts are:
  1. Yongpyong Resort
  2. High1 Resort
  3. Phoenix Resort
  4. Vivaldi Park
  5. Konjiam Resort
  6. Muji Deukyusan Resort
  7. Alpensia Resort

My hubby and I have went to Vivaldi Resort @ Daemyung because it's near to Seoul. 
Vivaldi Park is about a 2 hour bus ride from Seoul. There is a shopping mall and an Ocean World Water Park around the resort area. 

We managed to book the ski resort package through Winterfriend and spent 2D1N at the resort. We traveled there by shuttle bus early in the morning at 6am and reached the resort at about 8++am where we checked in and met up with the tour guide who helped us to prepare the ski equipment. 

We got to know this Winterfriend agency through friend's recommendation. They have a nicely done website ( which provides brief description of different resorts and numerous ski packages and they even allow a customized ski tour. We booked the package through email. Before making the confirmation, we asked lot of questions through email and they were very efficient in replying to our queries. 
Winterfriend provides a one-stop service to booking of transport, hotel, ski equipment, ski pass and also ticket to Ocean World. 
When we returned to Singapore and reflected upon our Korea trip, we would say our ski experience is the most memorable. 

There are Day Ski and Night Ski. We tried the Day Ski and took photos of the skiing slopes from our hotel at night

We visited the Ocean World in the resort area during winter season so we did not managed to play the water games as it's really too cold to swim outdoor in bikini.

So, instead, we went straight to the Jimjilbang experience in Ocean World.

Jimjilbang refers to public bathhouse and is a popular weekend getaway for Korean family.

A uniquely Korean experience.

In Jimilbang, there is a well furnished bathing area and also hot & cold spa separated by genders.
My favorite is the outdoor hot spa. I remember running out naked into the snowing outdoor hot spa pool. It felt really good to be dipped in hot spa when the surrounding was snowing...

After a good bathe, my hubby and I met at the common area where there are places to rest, sleep and eat. There are also saunas rooms of varies temperatures.

I love Jimjilbang! 

Everyone who visit Korea should at least make a short trip to Jeju island.
There are many sight seeing locations, interesting museums and stories of their history.
Someone from Jeju Island told us that Jeju Island have 三多:风多,石多,女人多, meaning Jeju island is well known for having strong wind, stones and higher population of women as compared to men.
In their history, Jeju island used to have very few women and men were treated like kings.
Due to the unbalanced population, Jeju's women were tasked to do most of the chores.
And men had the privilege to marry many wives.

In the past, women in Jeju were the ones to bring food on the table. As such, many of them became women divers known as 海女,who will dive into deep sea to get precious abalone and seafood for sale and their own consumption.

There are really many places to visit within Jeju Island. I can blog a whole post on just the top things to do at Jeju Island!

For now, I will briefly touch on the places we have visited.
  1. O'sulloc Tea Museum
  2. Seongsan Ilchullong peak
  3. Seongeup Folk Village
  4. Hallabong Plantation
  5. Mysterious road
  6. Jeju Loveland
  7. Manjanggul Lava Cave
  8. Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

Hope that this will help for those planning to visit Korea soon! 

I Miss My Korea Trip!

With Love,



  1. Hi, I followed you blog for my previous South Korea trip. We went to Vivaldi and also Odbo. I did an updated directions going there complete with photos. Maybe this can help your subscribers who wish to visit Odbo. Here is the link

  2. Hi, I followed you blog for my previous South Korea trip. We went to Vivaldi and also Odbo. I did an updated directions going there complete with photos. Maybe this can help your subscribers who wish to visit Odbo. Here is the link


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