Saturday, April 22, 2017

Life in the past 4 months.

It's has been more than 4 months since I last posted.
It was really really cold during winter and early spring in Haifa and I have been in hibernation mode... kept my heater on and spent all day at home playing with Aedan (running around the house like a crazy woman). 
Life has been simple. I work on my business (TSOBaby) when Aedan naps and of course cook meals. On alternate days, I bring him out to play at the playground so that he get to socialize with other kids.. Most of the time he'll just play with me or Daddy. 

Weather is getting warmer and I'm back to my active mode....just realized that I have not been active blogging and the last post was on Christmas Day. 
For those who are interested to know what happened in the past 4 months, here's the summary.

1. We moved to a bigger apartment 

In the beginning of this year, we moved to a bigger apartment next door. We used to stay in an one bedroom, one living room cum kitchen cum everything else apartment. It is like living in tiny house. 
The all purpose room was Aedan's play area, dining  place, our kitchen and also living room. 

Aedan has grown up and he loves to run around... Simply running around with him in circle made him super happy. The previous place was just too small for him. He's happier after we moved to the bigger place. It has separate living room and kitchen and 2 extra bedrooms which we turned one of them into Aedan's playroom!! 
As you can see we didn't decorate the room.. Cos we didn't want to spend on furnishing since there's only less than a year to the end of our stay in Israel. Time flies..

It's so comfortable in the new place that we stayed indoor most of the time during winter. 

2. We finally visited Southern Israel to celebrate my Birthday!

It's the best birthday present from Daddy!
We took a road trip from Haifa to the southern desert Israel and spent 4 days 3 nights there. 

We visited the famous Ramon Crater, done star gazing in the desert, went to Eilat to find Dory, hiked at the Red Canyon, visited the Dead Sea and floated on the shallow salty water, last but not least took a ride to legendary Masada before we headed back. 

Ramon Crator 


The most memorable hike at Red Canyon 
Baby wearing Aedan to climb those stairs was super shag!
The view of the desert from Masada 

It was an awesome trip! Best birthday present and best trip in Israel! 

Posing with my heart shaped birthday cake from Daddy

I took many photos especially when we visited the aquarium in Eilat and also the Dead Sea but sadly they were all gone :(
I guessed this whole trip was too good so something bad have to happen to buffer the exploding happiness.
During my trip at Dead Sea, some salty water got into my phone so I lost most of the photos (except for those in Daddy's phone)!! I was really sad for losing the digital memories of this trip! 

3. Aedan has grown up fast! 

He's currently in his 20th month and I feel that these period will be his most adorable stage in life (before the terrible 2 starts.. I can sense it coming). I really have so much fun with him since he has grown from being a baby to a little man. 

He loves to follow my actions and it's fun to teach him things. He has learned many vocab so he can express himself pretty well now and he'll tell us what he's fun to figure out what he wants too. 😜
Through his words and actions, we gradually discover his character and personality which is an interesting process. He's very shy in front of unfamiliar faces but is super talkative when he's with us only. There are so much so much joy by just being with him. 

 There were days when I miss those days in banking when I will get adrenaline rush every time I close a deal. The truth is being a stay at home mom, it's not as exciting and glamorous as working in corporate banking.  However, I never regret quitting my job. This whole new life is so much more meaningful and peaceful as I get to do things for my loved ones and the best part is to be rewarded with their smiles. 
I am truly happy each and every day. 

"Happiness is when you found something which you can love unconditionally"

Feeling blessed

- Mommy eve 

Till next time. 


  1. Happy Mother Day.

    What a joy to read your motherhood's happiness
    on this special occasion day of Mother, who loves and cares.


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