Wednesday, October 26, 2016

An open-letter to my husband: Happy 9 years!

Time flies.. It's 26 October again!
It's 4am now in Israel time. 
Happy Anniversary! 

It has been 3 years since our wedding and 9 years in relationship with you... 
Looking forward to our a decade milestone next year! 

Though this is our 3rd wedding anniversary, it's the first time that we are going to celebrate this day physically together. 
Remember.. on our first anniversary, you were posted overseas for work. On our 2nd anniversary, after Aedan was born, you flew to Israel for your studies. Finally.. finally this year we are going to celebrate this special day together and with our baby! :) 

Though we are 9 years in a relationship... it felt like we just got together not too long ago. I can still remember the feeling when we first started, and the many fights we had on our differences to when I learnt to accept that you are not a romantic person but rather a very logical one which our relationship works better with clear instruction rather than playing the guessing game. And of course those memorable near breakup moments.. I'm glad that we stay committed to each other. 
I am a believer that we shouldn't try to change our partner but I realized that being with you for such a long time, you have inevitably influenced me. You have inspired me to be ideal. Though you clearly know that you are not good with romantic tricks, you never stop trying to be my ideal partner by making little surprises on special occasions .. just because you knew that I like it.  
You have taught me to be ideal too and to see the good things in people and life.
Thanks for providing many good things and memories in my life.
Thanks for tolerating my bossy behaviour :p 
Thanks for being such a strong pillar of support and showering me with your unwavering love. 

9 years together. From being good friend to dating to being in a relationship to marriage to being parents in a new country and travelling the world with our baby, my life feels complete with you. 

But I believe it's still only the beginning as we have a lifetime to share. There are still so many things that we are going to experience together... I hope that we will continue to complement each other and be each other's support in good times and bad times. 

Thank you for loving me and everything. 
Happy Anniversary!! 
I ❤️ U,
Mommy eve

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