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Aedan's Birthday Party in Singapore by SacchaJoy

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Recently, we celebrated baby Aedan's 1 yr + 1 mth birthday party in Singapore! The party was a joyful one. It was great to meet our friends and family again after being away from Singapore for some time. There were lots of chit chat and laughters... we talked about our life in Israel, their culture and how different it is from Singapore. During the party, besides catching up on each others' lives and playing with baby Aedan, another thing that caught our guests' attention was the super awesome Batman-Themed Dessert table. 

It was soooo pretty that we couldn't bare to touch the desserts and we took 1001 pictures of it. 

A few days ago, I posted a picture of the dessert table on Facebook/Instagram and have received Facebook messages from readers asking who made it.
I wish I could tell you that I have done it myself but the truth is it was set up by my friend who is the co-founder of SacchaJoy. 

It has been long since I last shared a story of inspiring mommy entrepreneur. Today I'll share with you the story of SacchaJoy! 

Who is SacchaJoy? 

SacchaJoy is an event / party planning company which helps to plan and coordinate events to ensure that it is smooth sailing and memorable. They specialize in baby shower, birthday parties, weddings, ROM and festive parties. As long as you have guests in the house, they are ready to help you create a blast.

Who is the owner?

SacchaJoy is managed by a sister team - Sheryce and Shirlyn.

Sheryce is a mother of 2 boys with a full time career. Shirlyn is my friend who also have a full time job. They are both passionate about event planning and they manage the business together.

What inspired the sisters to set up SacchaJoy?

Sheryce mentioned that it all began when she was planning for her 2nd son's 1st birthday party. She was very excited and eager to hold a memorable party for her boy which everyone would enjoy. She thought it will not be too difficult but when she got down to doing it, she realized that it was much harder than expected. There were so many things to plan and coordinate. It was too time consuming for her since she has a full time job and 2 kids to juggle on top of the daily chores. Luckily, she has her sister who helped her with the planning. 

After going through the planning once, she realised that many parents would face the same issue. It will be easier for parents to find someone who have the experience and expertise to plan the party. Given her own experience and contacts with vendors, Sheryce and Shirlyn started helping other mommies to plan their parties. Every party, they tried to improve on their decorations and concept. Also, being a mommy she understands the needs of mothers and try to make it as hassle free as possible while not forgetting to listen to each mommy's ideas to help them draft their dream dessert table. 

Soon SacchaJoy was established to extend their service to a wider audience and other events.

What're SacchaJoy's future plans?

SacchaJoy aims to expand their events planning to cover more personalized services. They strive to achieve their motto of creating priceless memories for their clients. Some of the services they are working on includes personalised cake smash outfit and baby rompers quilt. You may look up on their Facebook page for more updates. 

What Twentysixoctober thinks about SacchaJoy's service?

Before I engaged my friend, Shirlyn, for help, I thought I could save money and be creative by DIY-ing the dessert table myself. However, having to take care of Aedan, being overwhelmed with the planning of our Europe trip and not being physically in Singapore, it was difficult to plan and purchase items for the party. Luckily, my friend offered to help me so I gladly accepted it. :p

As I was in Israel before the party, I liaised with Shirlyn via whatsapp to discuss on the dessert table decoration and designs. 

1. Understanding the budget 

At the beginning, I told Shirlyn that I do not wish to spend too much for the party. I have opt for a "no-birthday-cake" dessert table as firstly a customized birthday cake can easily cost $200-500. Moreover, I personally think serving cupcake is a better option as it is presentable and requires no cutting to serve. Lastly, the party is not for Aedan's 1 year old birthday. It's more of a belated celebration for friends and family to see him when we are in Singapore. 

2. Theme of the party 

After understanding the budget, we needed to decide on the theme of the party. For me, I have long decided to have a Batman party. The got this idea when we bought a very cute Batman shirt for Aedan at H&M. We thought it will be good if he could wear it during his party. Batman is a pretty cool superhero as well. :) 

I like this Batman's quote: "We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up and rise"
I hope Aedan will be able to learn from failure and not be afraid to fall. 

After deciding on the theme of the party, Shirlyn sent me a few sample dessert table designs and we started to draft the idea. 

3. Decide the design for the backdrop 

My initial plan was to use black construction paper to cut out a city landscape and yellow construction paper to draw the light with a Batman logo within. However, Shirlyn suggested a better option which is to print poster design. It's more durable and I could place the poster in Aedan's room as decoration. The end result turn out really well. 

4. Selection of desserts 

SacchaJoy offers a wide variety of desserts selection. You can choose your desserts and the number of pieces depending on the number of guests. My favourites are their customised Aedan's cupcake, strawberry shortcake and batman poppies. They were really pretty and yummy! Many of my guests commented that they like the desserts because they tasted not too sweet. 

5. Design of the memory board 

Initially, I have opt out of having the memory board. However, my friend is very sweet to give it to me as a gift. All I have to do was to give Shirlyn the content to be included on the memory board together with a few pictures of Aedan. The end product was so pretty!! Though there was a small typo (spot the typo) but overall it's still very pretty. On hindsight, this could've been easily avoided if we had requested a soft-copy draft from them to check. 

After the party, I have to say that I am so glad that Shirlyn has helped me! It was so easy on my part as I only need to tell her what I want through whatsapp and the dessert table was so so nicely done. I couldn't ask for more! The cost of her service was not too expensive too. 

This diaper cake was made by me! :)

I heard from many mommies that they took at least one month of planning plus lots of stressful nights to DIY a dessert table. Yes, they managed to save a bit of money but given the time and effort spent...It may be more worth it to get a professional who have the expertise and contacts to do it. Time can be saved for better things and parents can fully enjoy the event without having to worry about coordinating and setting up the dessert table.

As a friends and consumer, I highly recommend her service. 

Discount code: 

We are spreading love to all our readers. If you are interested in their service, you may quote TWENTYSIXOCTOBER to enjoy a 10% off their service and a complimentary A2 memory board/collage foam board. This discount code is valid till 31st Dec 2016.

Plan your next party by contacting Sheryce and Shirlyn through

Instagram: link @Sacchajoy

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