Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore!! 🎂

I only truly realized the beauty of our country after living outside of Singapore.

So many things that I have taken for granted.
Our beautiful garden city,
Super accessible public transports (bus, mrt, taxi, etc),
Wide variety of 美食 (awesome food),
Clean and free public toilets,
Air conditioning almost everywhere,
Our peace and security,
The beauty of different races living in harmony.

I thank everyone who have played a part in making Singapore such a wonderful place. 
The people who defend our nation and keeping it a safe place to live in;
The people who sweat under hot sun to build our country;
The people who clean our country; 
The people who work to keep Singapore an attractive destination for investors; 
The people who continue to work so hard to maintain our prosperity; 
The people who impart knowledge to our future generations.

I love you Singapore. 
I hope our country will continue to be clean, safe and beautiful for our future generations. ❤️

- Mommy eve  

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