Thursday, March 17, 2016

10 things you cannot miss when you are with your baby in the air

For those who follow our blog will have read that Aedan has successfully taken his first flight experience which is an adventurous 17hrs flight from Singapore -> Zurich -> Israel!

I'm going to share the list of items which we had brought on board and hope that this information will be useful to parents who plan to travel with your babies.

My checklist:

1. Diaper changing mat 

This is necessary as the changing table in the airplane is hard & cold which is not comfortable for baby to laid on. It will be better if you bring along a cushioned changing mat to put on top. 

2. Nursing cover
It is useful to nurse your baby during take-off and landing to reduce the pressure in baby's ears.

3. Baby carrier/sling 
There will be times when you need to carry your baby and walk around the airplane when your baby refuses to sleep or sit on your lap. It will be easier to put him/her in a carrier/sling. 

4. Carrier sling bag
If you are bringing your carrier along, it is good to bring a carrier sling bag to keep your carrier when you are not using it. 

5. Favourite toys + teethers 
This is important. There will be times when your baby fusses and his/her favourite toys can help to distract and calm him/her down.

6. Diapers + Wet wipes + Diaper cream + Ruyi oil 
Bring more diapers (at least 8-10). It is better to prepare more than having not enough. It is also to be prepared for unforeseen delay in flight. 

7. Blanket + Sweater + Socks 
It is cold when we are in the air so prepare blanket, sweater and socks for your baby. 

8. Extra warm clothes 
Needless to explain, extra clothes for changing. 

9. Baby lotion + Baby lip balm 
The air in the plane is dry so it is good to prepare baby moisturiser & lip balm for your baby.

10. Zip-loc bags/ plastic bags
This is used to keep your baby's soiled clothing. 

Aedan is fully on breastmilk so I did not bring any milk bottles, warm water and milk powder.


Have fun flying!

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