Monday, July 28, 2014

Food Review: Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts

Hi All, 

It's time for a food review. Introducing award winning Carousel at Royal Plaza!
Carousel is a Muis Certified Halal local and international buffet with wide selection. 

I went there with my girlfriends to celebrate Yenn Rong's birthday so decided to do a review on it. We were there for their High Tea Buffet and was pleasantly surprised by their wide spread of choices. Below are the list of the goods and the not-so-goods. 

The Goods:

1) Wide Variety 
The food choices were splendid. There were so much that we did not manage to have a taste of every single one of them.  
The food range includes:
Seafood (crab, oyster, etc), 
Japanese spread (sushi and sashimi), 
Chinese style (stir fried noodles, Dim Sum, etc),
Asian food (Nasi lemak, PoPiah, Laksa, Noodle station, etc)
Western (sandwiches, salad, etc), Indian food and
Last but not least, hell lots of dessert choices (fondue, creme brulee, cakes, ice cream, waffle..) 

2) Efficient service
They were very prompt in clearing the plates. Every time, after getting a new serving and returned to our seats, we can be assured that the dirty plates on the table were cleared. 

The Not-so-Good:

1) Ambience
I personally do not like the ambience. The lighting is dim and the seating area is pretty packed. 
Kind of spoils the high tea experience.

2) Slightly below expectation
It may be due to the many good reviews I have read before heading to Carousel, so I had a certain level of expectation. I came to know from one of the reviews that they would serve cupcakes and sing birthday songs during birthday celebrations. When we reached the place, we had informed the staff of the birthday girl. Later, a few them came to check with us on who was the birthday girl. However, when the cupcake was finally served, the staff served to me instead of my friend. This was quite disappointing. 

Also, their staff has took a photo of us and said they will email the photo to us and has requested for my email. But till date, I have only received email to feedback on their service and have yet to receive the photo.  Overall, my experience was good but definitely there is room for improvement. 


After submitting this blog post on Sunday,
I have received an email reply from Carousel on the next working day.
Appreciate that Carousel's Customer Relations Manager has replied to my blog post and sent me the photo!

*I have checked my junk mailbox before writing this blog post


It is situated at Royal Plaza Scotts
25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220
Tel: 6589 7799

Price list:


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