Monday, December 31, 2018

My reflection before the end of 2018

Reflecting before the end of 2018...

Typing when Daddy and Aedan are both sound asleep. 

We have been back Singapore for a year.

Thinking back, 2018 has passed fast. 

A lot of energy is spent in setting a routine for Aedan since his start of half day school.

It was a struggle mentally and physically.

On Aedan’s 1st day of school, I was so emotional that I cried alone after leaving him crying and shouting for me. For many months, I struggled to carry a crying boy to school and had to explain to him over and over again in many different ways so that he can understand why he needs to go to school and there’s no room for negotiation. It was mentally and physically tiring. Definitely a test of my patience and physical strength with his ever increasing weight. 

This phase has passed and I am so glad that he does not resist going to school now and I enjoy listening to his stories in school. 

For long, we have been struggling with his very late sleeping cycle. Sleeping late and waking up late. We took really long, almost a year to finally adjust it to what we deem ideal. He now sleeps around 8pm and wakes up between 5-6am. It’s difficult because that means we have to wake up super early too (mainly Daddy 🤣 cos most of the time Aedan wakes Daddy first and I wake up around 7) and no late night out.

But it’s all worth it as Aedan is more energetic in the day and I have “me-time” on my phone when he sleeps ✌🏻

I also converted an unused room into his playroom which I am really happy with how it turned out. A very functional playroom which I didn’t spend a bomb to transform.

Aedan told me many times how much he likes his playroom and we spent a lot of time playing and learning in the room. 

2018 has been a year in which Aedan has grown more independent, with him adapting to school life, trying to do more things on his own, many ideas of how he wants to do things, he experienced his first school excursion and his first performance on stage which I am very proud of.

Hopefully, with better routine set in 2018, I’ll be able to focus more energy in making the home, my business, read more books and meet up with friends... maybe another baby if god bless me one. 

Truly happy with how things turn out. 

It was not easy but it’s all worth it. 

- Mommy Eve 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

It’s 26th October again.

It has been really long since I last posted something on Twentysixoctober. 

Today, it’s our 5th wedding anniversary and 11th dating anniversary. 



Many things had happened but there’s so little time to document everything. 

Aedan has started going to half day I have some “free time” in the morning. However, there are always things to do and blogging has been set aside.

Most of the day, after sending Aedan to school, I start my “me-time” with a cup of ice coffee and breakfast.... reply customers’ queries on Carousell @tsobaby 

and at 9am, I’ll check on stock prices. 

This has become my routine. Managing @tsobabysg and reading investment blogs have become my hobby. 

Once in a while, I indulge in drama like 延禧攻略... so there’re really lots to squeeze into that precious few hours. There are people who asked me why not put Aedan on full day childcare. There are many reason. After analysing the pros and cons, our family decided to put him on half day. 

Reading investment blogs is now something that I really love to do. I started investing in retail bonds and equities many years ago while I was still working in bank. However, at that time, I have little idea of what I was doing. 

Made a few wrong decisions and learnt from

mistakes...reading more to be better at it.. though I’m still not good, I think I’m getting better. Since I quit my job, I am glad that my investment provides some passive income .. so I don’t feel too guilty when I buy some new clothes for myself. 

Okay, back to today, our dating and wedding anniversary. We enjoyed our very rare peaceful couple time when Aedan was in school. We had lunch at Hai Di Lao and I am utterly impressed by their level of service and thoughtfulness in making our special day a very special one. 

Especially love the decoration put up by them. 



Hope my hubby will remember this quote forever. 


Happy Anniversary to my hubby!

Thanks for being so supportive in what ever decisions I made and in entrusting your money to me, I promise to manage it well and at the same time try my best to be a good mom and wife. 

Will always psycho you to love me more every day till forever. 😂❤️

With Love,


Friday, April 6, 2018

30 Year Old me writing to remind myself

Yesterday, I celebrated my 30th Birthday. 

Went to a brunch date with hub while Aedan was in school. Fetched him at noon and we went on a shopping spree. Blew the candles with family at night. 

It was a simple and good one. 

After Aedan fell asleep, I read all the birthday messages and wishes from friends and they filled my heart. 

I love the age 30. 

It has been a good thirty years of memories. 

Many changes had happened in the past few years...pregnancy, child birth, quit my job, moved to a foreign land and now back. 

While I was living in Israel, my mind was free so I thought a lot, reflected on my past while searching the future. 

When I was a child, I used to fear many things and the world does not seem like a good place to be in. 

As I grow up, I learnt to overcome my fear and see fear as weakness for progress and greater thing. 

I got to realise that life is tough at a young age, I worked hard to make improvement to my life. Education is the key to change one’s life and so I studied hard. 

I was lucky, as my hard work paid off. Not all people work hard and get what they want but I always get what I want when I work really hard for it. 

I continue to work hard in my twenties and I always thought I will work like this forever. 

But life gave me an opportunity to change my direction in life. To see life more than just work and achievements. To discover that there are so much more in life than chasing accolades.

I think I am really a blessed one. 

When life was difficult, there was hope. 

When life was stressed, there was love.

When I got lost in chasing the illusion, life brought me to see the real. 

Life is unpredictable but there’s always something to learn along the way. 

From chasing grades to chasing KPI, it was always about the results. I used to think that result is the important but now I think process is much more important than result. 

I used to care more about self achievement. Now I hope to make a difference in other’s life. 

I used to place work above family. 

Now my family is the most important. 

At some point in life, I used most of my time to buy money. And at some point, I realised that money can’t buy back time. 

Time is our limited resources. 

While money can buy us many things, there are also many things in life which money can’t buy. 

With the limited time we have, love our family, spend time, be kind, serve one another. 

Make no room for regrets.

Tomorrow is not promised and today is short.

Back to this fast-paced society, it’s easy to forget what’s truly important. 

This 30 year-old me writing to remind myself. 

With love, 



Saturday, October 28, 2017

A decade of love. Happy 4 years of Marriage

Yesterday, we celebrated Twentysixoctober. ❤️
10 years in relationship and 4 years of happy marriage. It has been a good 10 years. 
It doesn’t feel like we have been together for a decade... you still feel new yet familiar.

I still like to ask you why do you like me (still going to ask you as and when I like). 
I still like to receive flowers from you. 

I still like surprises from you.
I still like to hear sweet words from you. 
I still wonder how can you be so perfect for me.

I like that you are consistent, righteous and always have a clear line between what you deem right and wrong.
I like the way you like me like I am the most perfect person in the world (even though I know I’m not).

Thanks for everything.
Let us continue to love like this till forever. 

Happy Anniversary ❤️

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Do not judge parents who co-sleep with their babies

A few days ago, I saw friends on Facebook and parents on parent group share The Straits Time news article titled "36-day-old infant who dies after sleeping with parents"

Here's the link for those who have not read the news:

I was emotionally strirred by this article. And felt a need to vent it out here

Sad for the parents who have lost their young baby.

Disturbed by how the author of this article wrote .... which may lead to readers thinking that it's the parents' fault. 

Furious when I saw people who made insensitive comments which suggest that the parents were lazy by choosing to co-sleep with their baby. 

In real life, there are many parents who co-sleep with their babies and often, parents made this choice not because they are lazy but rather they genuinely feel that it's better for their baby. I am one of those who co-sleep with my baby after my confinement and I can understand why parents will choose to sleep with their babies. 

👉🏻Co-sleeping is having a baby in the same room which include bed-sharing or putting the baby cot next to the adult bed. 

👉🏻Co-sleeping does not necessarily increase the risk of Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDs). The risk is higher if the parents who co-sleep are heavy sleeper, smoker, consume alcohol/ drug that can cause drowsiness. 

👉🏻There are babies who cry the moment you put them into the cot and will only sleep soundly when their care givers are next to them.

👉🏻There are many reports which support that co-sleeping if done cautiously is beneficial for babies. I do not want to list down the benefits point by point here so you can click onto the link the check.
Here are a few articles including a published research paper:

👉🏻Yes, it's true that there is risk of suffocation for babies from bed-sharing. However, there is risk in everything we do. Sleeping inside a cot (in a separate room) is not always the safest choice too. There are cases of babies who died while sleeping inside their cot too. We can try to minimise risk but sometimes accident still happens.

👉🏻Every baby is unique and there is no one perfect solution that works for all babies. Some method may work for baby 1 but not on baby 2. I have heard from many parents who told me that before they became parents; they thought they were well-prepared from reading all the guide to parenting 101, but then when it comes to the actual thing, many supposedly proven methods DON'T WORK .. and we can only try whatever we can and learn "on job". Often, we doubt ourselves for every decisions we made... we will not know whether our method works but we hope for the best. Parents will continue to worry till maybe our kids have grown up or till the day we part the world. Or perhaps still worrying when we are up in heaven. 

The parents in the article are probably in grief and will do anything and everything to have their baby back so hope people who made insensitive comments will learn to understand their pain.

Hope to article will help to spread love & knowledge and not hate & doubts. 

- Mommy eve 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Toddler's activity: The Making of Father's Day card

As you can see from the title, this post is about the making of Daddy's Father's Day card! 

With the help from Daddy, motherhood has been endurable  enjoyable. My SAHM life has been less "黄脸婆-like" as Daddy has been helping me in daily house chores. Moroever, ever since I complained about having no time for myself, he tried to bring Aedan out on weekends to allow me to have some "me-time".
So to reward his contributions and to celebrate Father's Day, I had been thinking hard what present should I give him. Had planned to give him an iPhone cover with our family picture on it. I bought online weeks ago but sadly, it was discovered by Daddy before Father's Day :( Didn't hide it well. 
Couple iPhone covers.

It's really hard to buy things for Daddy because he's VERY particular about the things he wants.. he will only buy clothes which he really really likes ... we can walk in and out of shops multiple times and it can take up to weeks or even months for him to find something he likes. I do not dare to any how buy things for him so I thought it will be good to make something for him with the help from Aedan. 

This was our FIRST handmade project for Daddy!

Today, I'm sharing with you our mini project and this can be an activity for caregivers and toddlers too. We spent hours making it and clearing the mess and I realized this activity is a pretty good way to kill time with the toddler. 

1. I found brown wrapping paper which was the left over from my last present wrap. I used it as the base for the card. 
And I used a crayon to write the word "Happy Father's Day" on it. 

2. We found many used papers which Aedan and I torn them into pieces. 
🌟Believe or not, tearing papers have been proven to be a good way for toddlers to work on their small muscles in hands. 

3. Then I applied glue onto the "Happy Father's Day" wording and let Aedan placed the scrap papers onto it!


4. And Tada!! It's done! Super easy right. So easy that a 22 Months toddler could do. And I personally think it's quite artistic 😂

5. Posing with our handmade card time! 
I took like a zillion photos to get a few good shoots. Lol 😂 


6. After it's all done, I passed Aedan a plastic bag and asked him to put all the remaining paper into the bag. He was happy picking up the paper with me. Another simple activity for him. 

Daddy was touched when he saw the first handmade card from Aedan. And the cost of making the gift - $0.00. They were all used materials. 
There's one special ingredient in it - lots of love from Aedan and Mommy (hehe ☺️).

Besides the handmade card, we celebrated Father's Day by having our dinner outside. 
In Singapore we used to dine out almost everyday. But now living in Israel, we cook almost every meals and only dine out on special occasions. 
Had a mega dessert called "Eiffel Tower" which was a plate of sinfully sweet heaven. The plate was filled with cakes, brownies, biscuits, macrons, cream puffs, ice cream and top with lots and lots of whipped cream. It's my happy dessert. It felt like we're celebrating Mother's Day! 😊

After our dinner, Aedan refused to go back to his stroller and demanded Daddy to carry him... After a while, Daddy put him down and we tried to get him to walk instead. We held his hands and surprising he never refused. It's the first time that we walked hand in hand with Aedan between us. Since young, I dreamed of having a family like this. And it felt like my dream has came true. 
This Father's Day was a satisfying one for me... I hope it's the same for Daddy. Though the handmade card is a simple one, I felt happy to have made something for him. 

For those reading this, hope you'll find this simple art and craft a good way to spend time with your toddler. 

"Happiness is engineered/handmade with love"

- Mommy eve 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Travel tips: Travel with baby to Santorini

For those who follow and still remember, our family visited Europe last year and I promised to blog about our trip!
In my last travel post (months ago...), I blogged about the 13 things to do in Athens

Today, I'm finally going to continue documenting our travel memories ... 

👉🏻Sharing tips on how to travel within Santorini with a one year old baby. 

I believe Santorini is on many travellers' bucket list. Santorini is famous for their caldera view, blue roof churches, traditional cave houses, black sand and red sand beaches. It's one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Before we went on the trip, many told us that Santorini is not a baby friendly place .. Or so we thought.. 🤔


Within Santorini, one of the most recommended mode of transport is their local ATV which you can find their rental shops throughout the island. ATV is an affordable mode of transport which provides tourist the flexibility and convenience to tour the island at individual pacing. 
Photo credit to @jaysteves

However, it's definitely not a safe mode of transport for family who travels with baby. 😱
Before our trip, one of the greatest concern was transportation within the island. We had considered to rent a car but were worried that non-international license may not be acceptable. 

I went on to research on their modes of public transport and read about KTEL. KTEL is their local bus agency which has a main bus terminal located at central Fira. It has many buses that travel from Fira to all attractions in Santorini. The best thing - it costs only 1.80 to 2.50 euro per ride! 🎉It was super convenient and cheap for us to travel around Santorini with their local buses. 

You can check their timetable online and enquire the bus number at their main terminal at Fira. There's no need to purchase tickets prior as you pay only after boarding the bus. It's free seating on the bus and seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis. The buses can be really packed during peak hours so it's good to arrive earlier to ensure you get a seat!


If you are looking to travel around Santorini via their KTEL public buses, it will be most convenient to stay at Fira since all buses depart from Fira. Fira is located at the centre of Santorini so the accommodations around Fira are always high in demand and cost more than the other area. It's advisable to book your accommodation at least 2 months before your travel date to secure a good deal. I booked our accomodation through Airbnb a month before our travel date and already almost all the good ones were fully booked and we were left with very few choices. We believe we grabbed the last good deal. 😆


If you think traveling with baby will let you miss out some attractions
You are Wrong.❌ 
We travelled to most of the best spots on the island. 
 Everyone planning a visit to Santorini should not miss these four places! 

1. Fira 

Of course we toured Fira since we booked our accommodation there. But even if you book your accom elsewhere, you HAVE TO visit Fira. It's located at the centre of Santorini with awesome caldera view, many restaurants, shops, beautiful churches and the famous donkey steps.




2. Oia 

Oia is another area well known for their scenic view, white wash cave houses, windmills and little blue roof churches . There are also many restaurants and shops around Oia. It's the best place to have a romantic dinner in Santorini. 




3. Red Beach 

This is one of my favourites! For those who love beaches, you CANNOT MISS this. You can take the KTEL bus ride to Kamari. In order to reach the red sand beach, you have to either hike or take a boat there.  I highly recommend travellers to hike there. Along the hike to red sand, you will be able to catch a cute white church and beautiful sea view. 
Check out our walking trail:




4. Black beach 

Besides red beach, Santorini is also well known for their black beach. The textures and colours of the sands are totally different and it's interesting how nature creates these beautiful differences. 


After our trip, we realised that it's not really difficult to travel with a baby to an island. We had so much fun exploring. Of course, baby wearing has made it so much easier to travel and hike. Also glad that I breastfed Aedan so he could be fed wherever we were. 

"Travelling creates memories that last a lifetime

- Mommy eve 

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